Players on Spida Island are mass reporting players who bomb and don't mine

@Roxx Can you confirm if this is a bannable offense?

Why in the world would only bombing be a bannable offence, you are still participating in the event and mining isn’t even half of the contribution they will have done by just bombing alone.

If Worker energy was free and unlimited maybe you could argue this just on them being lazy but plenty of people show up to Spida with all Worker energy expended and throw free bombs to help

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They’re probably using the 1 work energy taps to cheese guild tasks.

That’s what I’d like to know, but I recently got a warning for “gameplay disruption” and considering the players on Spida are saying they’re going to report me for “gameplay disruption”. Spida Island is the only thing I’ve been doing recently that involves other players so it’s really the only thing I can narrow down to. Amazon support says the only information they have to give me was listed on the warning, but once again the only thing the warning said was “gameplay disruption”. So I’m guessing that just receiving a large amount of reports is enough for the system to flag you.

For sure, I do this all the time when my Guild task is Mining, but that’s the opposite of the complaint being made.

The only possible thing I could think was the sheep mentality of everyone telling everyone else to report you, so the overall number of reports at once caused them to give you a warning, because AGS CS for these things is kinda… Lacking at best.

That is at the minimum my hope, because otherwise that is just foolish.

Yea these are my same thoughts. So it’s kinda unfortunate I can’t remove this strike from my account because I guess amazon doesn’t know what I got reported for.

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Banning people by abusing the report system…

Classy New World tactics!


i mean my favorite part was in one instance someone straight up said they wish I got covid for not mining and the people on the island would rather report me than the other dude.

Mentally questionable turnips

Amazon Automation works great on their warehouses and logistics!

But when it comes to creating an environment where people anonymously interact with each other, they clearly have no clue how to handle it…

Seen enough spidas failed or abandoned after 10m +
I wouldn‘t report leeching in open world events ever.

However you should 100% expect to be boo’d or called out if everyone else is chipping in and you can’t be bothered to spare 1 energy per tap.
You prolly got a regen tick while waiting for the spawn.

You claiming your 50 energy is more important than everyone elses` present is not a hill i think you should choose to die on.

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Keep in mind, if the man is throwing bombs and you are just mining, he’s done more damage to that egg than you have.

I agree, it sucks to fail Spida with people standing around with a mining pick up their ass, but it would hardly be classified as a bannable offense to do neither, but surely not if you are using bomb at least.

Lol, i was once there, i always play later, so after idk 20mins or so, we broke 2 shells, and there was still atleast one when time run out, and we got just NOTHING for it. So i googled, and litteraly anyone says “dont waste time, just bomb it”, so im 27 right now, im not visiting it before i can Bomb. Why should that be even reportable, using miningskill for mining…

Oh that’s fine, I don’t mind people booing me. At the end of the day me being there with bombs is making the event faster. The issue is if just mass reporting someone is enough to get them banned.

I’m sure it was more something like they said they were going to report you and then you started talking shit and that’s what you got in trouble for… They check the logs when you get reported and just not mining on spida isn’t a reason to get in trouble

If that was the case the report would’ve been for inappropriate language, not gameplay disruption. If it was due to chat logs the amazon rep wouldn’t have told me they didn’t have information of why I was warned.

If that is true, that is really sickening. Instead for them to be grateful that you bomb the egg and you help them doing the event faster, they report you. And here we have another example of what a sick and childish community we have in LA.


This problem was in New World too. It’s an automated system. Enough people report you and the algorithm considers the reports true & you get dinged. That’s why as of today I’ve realized reporting bots doesn’t do any good. If others aren’t reporting them too they are free to bot away. It might be why the bot problem is so bad. They are relying on a quantity of reports to ban.
It seems Amazon is developing algorithmic moderation for games. Some day they will be licensing the employee-free GM program to game companies.

Seems there is more to this than currently explained.

Leaving aside auto reporting in mass which I’ve no comment on either way, it seems implausible the only reason for report was simply using mining bombs.

Level 30 miners with bombs make event go significantly faster. Why would ppl object to that if no other disagreement was present?

I totally get some players may not know about advanced mining skills but if you calmly reply / explain ‘look at mining skill, this is an advanced skill you only get at max level 30 mining and using it to crack shell faster’, hard to believe group of players could be that dumb to then want a guy banned for doing the event faster and with tools devs specifically provided for higher mining level players.

Wasn’t there so can’t and won’t say for sure either way what happened, but until more info comes out, it seems the disagreement likely included something else other than just use of bombs.

Or else the player base on that server is so different from my server hard to comprehend. On my server ppl ask for bomb players to come help on spida. No one wants to fail or even if succeed, sit there picking away for many more minutes than needed