Players on Spida Island are mass reporting players who bomb and don't mine

No, people aren’t that reasonable. People literally are upset if you’re not forced to spam G with them. Like I mentioned earlier I had someone wish I got covid for not mining and other people on the island still wanted to report me over him. My biggest issue is support straight up said they had no other information they could give me of why I was warned other than “gameplay disruption”. If text contributed to my warning there would at least be chat logs they could check.

Its not because youre ONLY bombing, to them you just look like an AFK leech. They cant really know that you used a bomb. Just hit it here and there after you bomb and stop complaining

But bombing isn’t leeching, bombing is carrying.

The reason they aren’t mining is because the event completely ruins your pick.

Sounds fine to me. Afk’ing through most of the event for a free carry would fall under gameplay hindrance and you are wasting other people’s time.

Yes, that’s part of the event and a requirement. They could just swap to a blue pickaxe if they are worried about their 200 gold to bring back to 100 durability gathering item going down.

The requirement is literally just to break the egg. Considering bombers do majority of the damage it’s not wasting other people’s time.

No, it’s definitely wasting people’s time. Hitting the egg during downtime will break the egg faster.


You use a pretty noticeable animation to place a bomb. The bomb itself is pretty easy to see. If someone complains about me not mining I straight up say I’m bombing. This isn’t an issue of them not knowing I’m bombing. They’re upset I’m not sitting there spamming g with them.

In that case they’re wasting my time by not being lvl 30 mining.

Incorrect. You chose to focus on mining to get the bomb. You now have the mining bomb and hitting the egg at your disposal. If you think afking for two minutes in-between bombs isn’t more than leeching, I don’t know what to tell you.


Does it show up if people have spell animations for other players turned off? All I’m saying if there is 100 people mining, and some dude just says “Don’t worry I used a bomb” and stands there, I don’t really blame them for thinking you are AFK.

Even if you bomb, just hit the egg. Might as well, and then this is a non-issue

I have show other spells off and I still see other people using bombs. Might be another setting.

it’s not, if you think doing a significant part of the damage to the egg is leeching, I don’t know what to tell you.

Whatever you want to believe. I’ll continue reporting anyone who is not hitting the egg and thinks afking in-between bomb cooldown isn’t leeching.

And FYI, you aren’t doing a significant part of the damage. You can’t even break one of the layers with a single bomb. It takes 3-4. I know this because I have the mining bomb and don’t sit around leeching while others use pickaxe durability.

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Choosing to mine between bombs is saving seconds from the overall time. If you really care that much about such a small time difference you should start reporting players who aren’t running optimal engravings/gems in abyss. Or players that aren’t at ilvl for field bosses.

I think the point you are not understanding is…

Whether you did a significant portion of the dmg or not, perception of players around you matters. If they see you just standing there afk, you will get hit with reports. Just hit the egg after you bomb, then like I said before, non-issue

They are contributing to the event far more with bombs than they are with standard picking. This is the equivalent of low DPS players mass reporting the MVP DPS player for performing well in a raid.

If this cancerous thing is actually a thing, Imma pick and cancel the animation before it finishes several times.

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Imagine being this petty holy sh*t

Imagine contributing to the event more than the people reporting you for not contributing.

Nah I agree with your point, hitting the bomb inbetween would remove any issues with other players. My main issue was being able to mass report someone and AGS not being able to verify what the warning was for.

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