Players = QA Team

Me [4:58:58 PM] : you also know that (Naruni Hot Springs) first time completion in particular is a big issue, i’m not the only one with problems on it. if i had recieved it, it would have been in my inventory

Me [4:59:22 PM] : as i said before, i’m sure it dropped off the boss, but it was never picked up due to the realm teleport

Bjorn [5:00:59 PM] : Yes so it is possible that you got the rewards and sold it, so thus it might not be in your inventory, But as I said in order for us to fix this we would need proof in the form of a screenshot or video clip

Me [5:01:33 PM] : so your logs do not tell you that something was actually picked up, just if it dropped off the mob? that’s bad game design

Me [5:01:57 PM] : and how am i supposed to screenshot something not being picked up?

Me [5:02:08 PM] : and video requires me to be a streamer, which i am not

Bjorn [5:02:35 PM] : Well you can get the video with a wide variety of recordign software

Me [5:03:07 PM] : who the f actually casually records themselves just in case your game is buggy? your players are not your QA team

Bjorn [5:04:04 PM] : Well this is sadly everything that i can tell you on this topic

Me [5:04:47 PM] : so what you’re saying is the dev team does not want to take responsibility for a known issue that has affected multiple people

Me [5:05:12 PM] : you’re also saying your dev tools to see drops actually being picked up is non-existant

Bjorn [5:06:04 PM] : I am not saying that I am saying that in order to solve your issue we will need video or screenshot proof

Me [5:07:22 PM] : But you are saying it by these implications.

Bjorn [5:08:04 PM] : No I am not saying any of the statements you made above, I am simply saying that we need more proof to continue

Me [5:09:22 PM] : “you’re also saying your dev tools to see drops actually being picked up is non-existant”

Me [5:09:31 PM] : that is literally what yo uare saying by asking for video

This kinda hurts. Im not sure if Amazon Support (which i think is generally for Amazon stuff and not only for Games? right?) has any ideas how the game runs.
Ive heard of many cases where they just blantantly refuse anything and say they cant do anything.
Maybe they cant or they just dont know how to. But its bad in general with most of the Problems you have because they are not specialized for stuff like that as far as ive heard?

Arguing with support chat that has fuck all to do with the development of this game lol. Do you also get into arguments with minimum-wage food service employees?

If you actually read, I am complaining about the dev team that Bjorn is relaying information for.

Not like they would have done anything even if you had video of it happening.
They don’t care.

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Sometimes with AGS support your best option is to immediately close the ticket/chat when they seem even slightly lost and start over. They have some VERY inexperienced staff on their team there. some of them are little more than bots as they will literally just copy paste responses based on given scenarios.

Having said that I think in this case he is correct in that they cannot just go around handing out loot without some kind of evidence. That is 100% going to fall on the player to prove that they in fact did not pick something up. Administrative tools for Lost ark seem to be extremely limited. Very likely launching that kind of investigation would be far beyond what the average AGS support agent is capable of.

My problem there is they have stated they can see logs of drops and have even gone through and looked at them and saw that I got the “Naruni Spring Mystery Box” (which is NOT the one I was complaining about), so they conveniently can’t use the same tool to see that I never got the completion box.