Players should be compensated

I believe that players should be compensated for the disablement of the powerpass and I’ll state my valid reasons as to why for anyone that wants to read them.

  1. The powerpass being disabled has absolutely nothing to do with the actual players of the game and it being disabled because of bots truly isn’t fair to the actual players looking to make new characters and push their roster, This is once again another set back for your loyal players.

  2. This is the most important reason and It’s players wanting to push their new character / roster with the powerpass now have to wait an entire week or maybe even more since we don’t have an ETA of when powerpass will be re-enabled. What does this mean ? This means that they will miss countless dailies for the materials they need to hone on top of missing the event vendor if for example they didn’t buy a certain material because they wanted to buy it on X character since they’re bound materials. They will also miss doing any type of end game content like Abyss raids / Legion raids if they push that far since those materials are also bound ( The crafting ones )

  3. How do I believe players should be compensated ? Nothing drastic but I do believe players should at the least by given a chest containing x3 or x5 of : Honing Leapstone Selection Chest , Honing Support Selection Chest, Honing Shard Selection Chest. These rewards would vastly make up for the amount of time we miss being able to do our dailies and other end game content and I do believe players would appreciate this rather than just having the powerpass re-enabled with no compensation because the bots made us miss farming.

Maybe some players will agree with me and maybe you guys can make it work that we get some type of little compensation for this set back.

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I remember posting a few messages back then. Telling how AGS should be careful releasing feiton pass considering bots would use it. It was just a feiton pass.

A month or so later they’ve released global buffs and all kind of passes including insta punika. Without giving any consideration to bots. People need to realize this is EU/NA not KR, you can’t carbon copy everything KR has, you need to adept.

That’s why I predicted this would happen and didn’t waste time on using my pass.

Right now they don’t really have a choice, bots constantly buy Punika passes and then refunds. Even if they got banned in 3 days, bots make all the one-time gold they can make already.

As far as I know they are literally losing money for each chargebacks bots do. I guess we need to deal with it and wait for SG/AGS to come out with a solution otherwise the game will just die.


if all the dailies and stuff are so important to you why did you even wait 6 months on making the character to begin with?
Should have made him 5 months ago and you’d be sitting at 1430 now.

I dont want compensation i want them to get their shit together after more than 6 months… cant believe we are still having the same conversations about the same problems like 5 months ago.

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This. Lmao, compensation for what - waiting one week at best? Could have made that character way before if the progress was that important to begin with.

I have a full roster and just recently brought a character slot to add another, My entire roster is doing fine now and I’m using all my ults to funnel my main, A week of dailies missed + raid content is pretty big for me when I consider myself a casual player on top of being F2P, I don’t mind using my alts to gather up materials but I could have spent that time gathering the materials on that character / the bound raid crafting materials to make legendary gear.

Saying I waited 6 months is odd because I didn’t I’ve always had a full roster but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of players in a situation like mine where they’re now buying character slots and using the vern powerpass and then speed honing to T3 and every day of farm counts since in T2 it still is pretty costly to get +15 ( Material wise / Leapstones ) even with the removal of needing fusion material, the tower helps also a bit with this along with using chest / pouches.

You don’t have to be negative about players wanting compensation, some players work or have limited time on the game, not everyone is the " Top player " like you might consider yourself to be, A lot of players want them to get their shit together but time and time again they have failed to do so and can barely communicate with the playerbase so the least they can start doing is compensating players because in the end it’s not our fault, AGS hasn’t been showing any intention of improving anything and it was clear as day with the release of argos and valtan / arcanist.

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What do you mean?


Oi I recall you. You left back in March. I remember because I left shortly after in Mid-April lol. When stuff was baaaaaaaaaaad.

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I play on RU now.

They have the classes I want so I play there lol

I hope this version can hold out long enough for all the good stuff to get released, playing on RU can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

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I feel that. Debated doing it myself but I still just don’t have the spare time to put into the game now. Pretty sure most of us are still hanging around too just waiting for a bus that will never come to take us to place that doesn’t exist. But hopefully we both come back one day.

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Id like to see any powerpasses that were legit purchased or owned that havent been able to be used to be doubled up. While thats not realistic there should be at least some sort of honing mat compensation, literally looking like im going to lose a 2nd week in a row of pirate ship/bloodstone mats because i didnt use my punika pass immediately (they locked them 2 days before last reset)

I’m still waiting on compensation for the EUC group content problems that went on for months when the game came out…

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Let’s go. Free gifts for everyone. I’m too poor to afford new resources. A donation of gold would be most helpful in our dire times of the 21st honing century.

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Hey at least the bots did something that actually made AGS care about their existence…

Ruin the game for actual players and temporarily hinder bots mildly. Only a matter of time before I quit this poorly run game.

Calculate roughly how much mats and gold could have been farmed by alt that used punika pass since day 1 of disabling it and distribute that amount + interest rate + inflation rate.

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Let me show you how you looked typing that.

This is the reason why the other regions make fun of us. This entitlement that the vocal community has is just too much.

I agree that adding the power pass while the bot situation was not under control was not a good play, but in no way does that mean we need to be rewarded.

maybe just make all purchase not refundable and each account can only request for a refund twice a year max on any items they purchased

or make the account must have at least 100-200 hours of play time to be able to purchase royal crystals or packs

You’re clueless, The bot situation will " never " be under control. You can not win against machines, no game you ever played has 100% solved a botting problem or 100% got rid of bots, lessen them ? sure but we will ALWAYS be playing alongside them and other regions make fun of us because of AGS’s poor handling of the game and all content releases.

Under control doesn’t mean fix or solved. Otherwise I would’ve used those words. I have played games with bots before and what I have learned is that when people stop buying gold from them, they magically vanish.

You’re free to have your opinion about AGS as a publisher, but keep in mind that they aren’t the owners of the Lost Ark IP. So who is really clueless here?