Players still in T2 are so salty that they lash out at T3 players

Has anyone else noticed this trend? I was doing a bunch of T2 abyssal dungeons and the T3 players are the mature ones silently doing the mechanics, while the T2 players were shouting at each other, blaming each other, and malding over failed mechanics. I guess they are lashing out at people and creating bad vibes because they feel insecure about their gear score, which doesn’t even mean anything. It’s just a number.

T2 players, please control yourself and stop making a scene.

Nah it’s not that deep, but you aren’t wrong about the malding part. Been pretty chill for me personally, but there’s always insta ff ers or speedrunners. I’m mid T2 personally so didn’t spend too much here yet but yeah

Is just game knowledge. You are secure of yourself bc you did it before and you know the best is to be cool. Althought ive been always cool in abys

I don’t think it’s really a T2 player problem specifically but the player problem in general. Some people have no control of their emotions and you see that a lot in mmorpgs and on the internet.
It’s totally fine if you mald over failed mechanics but when you start lashing out at other people that’s where the problem begins…
Most people in T2 still won’t watch a video or read a guide about abyss dungeons before going in them, they die to mechanics because they go in blind and then lash out at the game or other people lol, it’s hilarious to see xD

I havent bought anything but the founders pack in this game, i am 1369 currently struggling to get that last +15 for argos and quite frequently when im out doing islands i am called a whale, i think its funny though.