Players who tell others to kill themselves should be an instant ban

I was just in an event guardian raid and one of the players had told me to kill myself. He said “get the rope bro. Save the people around you the trouble”.

Mind you, this guy was pinging like crazy and was told my the other players and I to chill on the pinging.

I don’t know about you guys, but most games have a system where that player will be perma banned. Account wise, that would really send a message but at the very least. Things like this cannot be accepted. The immaturity of the common player goes too far at times.

I have video and chat screenshots but I don’t want to attach them to a public forum as it’s just gross to look at. But I will send them directly to any mods that need the information.

His characters name was “Gigachadraceslay”

Shocker, I know.

I enjoy the game, people like this don’t affect me, but they should be dealt with so they don’t come into contact with people who don’t have thick skin.


just block him? its not that hard

Sure, and I did. I filed a proper report. But should we just condone that type of behavior? Blocking him eliminates him as a problem to me, but not to everyone else. I’m sure he’ll go and say it to others as well if he said it to me.

sorry to say but LA community is a bunch of toxic 13 yo kids

Very sorry to see your bad experience. But yeah there’s a lot of toxic kiddies in the game and in the forum. This game community is as toxic as league of legends and dota combined.

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at my first argos i mentioned that its my first time but i watch mech on youtube.
5 seconds later everyone voted to stop the raid.
that toxic

There’s a fine line between free speech and hate speech/harassment. Unfortunately, “Protecting people” is a very slippery slope into censorship and it leads to a place you don’t want to go.

If the guy continuously flies off the cuff and is just harassing everyone, than I agree with you, but if it’s just a one off comment he made in a heated moment…I’d just ignore it.

What a horrible take.

I’ve been called worse in these forums. Just block them

? No shot you let what other people say actually affect you lmao. If that’s the case the internet might just not be for you. Just block him and go next.

People like this player should get banned for couple of days if it’s the first offense , I had similar situations in this game .

The game seems to had a fair share of toxic people sadly , Forget about him and enjoy your time while playing the game , cheers mate .

Not really, I have over 1370+ hours and I have yet to encounter a real toxic player, can’t use such an overexaggerated generalization.

Wanna see the angriest people in this game? Try Ranked pvp. I’m yet to create a topic about it.
Most toxic environment in the game so far.

Why? Because your feelings are so sensitive that you need to be protected by government and corporations? Because you’re so incapable of handling your own feelings that you think silencing people is an acceptable answer to your feelings being hurt?

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Welp looks like we need to remove PVP from the game. It breeds toxicity and we all know that’s why a DPS tracker for content cannot be implemented for PVE.

I agree with you. I have opened a ticket with Amazon for hate speech and also sent a message to a mod here.

Never got a reply for them except one automatic response.

They don’t care.

It doesn’t bother me. The dude is blocked and that was the end of it. I’m merely posting because it shouldn’t be tolerated. You should get out of mommy’s house and get into the real world, you’ll understand why that stuff isn’t funny. You must live a sad life.

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I never said it was funny nor do I live with my mother, and you’re also incorrect in saying I live a sad life I’m chilling lmao. I just am not gonna go out of my way to do all this just because of some words that were said to someone over the internet.

The moment you went political here, you lost any credibility. I think people like you should be silenced and banned before the gigachadblabla guy, who you trying to silence/ban.

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You don’t understand what protected freedom of speech is.

You may want to go do some research on that one.

The only thing it means is that the Gov. can’t come swoop you up and black bag you in the middle of the night for talking smack about the Gov.

There is literally no country in the world you can say ANYTHING you want without punishment.