Playing from Ukraine

Hello, can i play at Amazon servers from Ukraine? localizator in CIS is which banned in Ukraine, so i cant play at RU servers.


Hello, check this thread :


rasha - parasha ! :melting_face:

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Ask Smilegate, not Amazon.

Smilegate has signed a contract with so I am not sure why should Amazon do anything about this?

Ukraine is a Europe!!!

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No, we are not yet. And depending on where in Ukraine you are right now you won’t be ever thanks to some things happening.

If we are accepted by the European Union as a participant land THEN there would be a chance for region unlock. Not before and most certainly not right now.

DM me.

I mean, does anyone asker ukraine? Why should design which country thay will serve? will it be OK when thay will get rights for any country and just block it? Is it OK when blocked service hass rights for blocked country? OK let rights for USA region, lets see what happens…