Playing in a party is a mess in Lost Ark


My Wife, my friend and me are playing lost ark now for a month permanent at a group. There are some improvements needed for an MMORPG.

It starts that when you are questing together, that sometimes every Player starts in different Channel, then the Channels are full, and so all have to switch in another free channel. I mean, how much fun can it be, when we lose 2-3 Min after every Port, so that we can play together?

Then if you are questing, did you ever notice that sometimes that only one player has to talk with an NPC and the other time everyone has to talk? It’s just not solved consistently in the quests.

Next point: If you’re playing in a group and one of the players starts a cutscene, it often happens that the others never see the cutscene. We’ve had it a few dozen times.

Then did you ever have to build a party with 3 Players to farm a Chaosdungeons and start a Matchsearch for a Random? Is this a lottery, which player will be the next Partyleader?? When the Chaos Dungeon Party is rebuild with one random, the Leader is randomized. I startet the chaos dungeon, but I cant start second round, because the random player has gotten the leadership. And after you are leaving the Dungeon, the correct 3 Players are in a party, but AGAIN: I LOST THE LEADERSHIP!!! This usability is very bad.

I know, maybe most players are alone and don’t want to play a MMORPG with other friends or family in a group. But that’s a bad joke. We do love Lost ark, its fun, but this kind of unthought-out features are killing party and the group feeling.

Its a Mmorpg, so please don’t rip Groups apart.



For Chaos dungeons it will be easier for you to enter as 3, don’t need a Random, not even for Guardians. After finishing a Raid/Dungeon the first one that goes out gets the pt leader, so just let who you want to be the pt leader exit the instance first.

I get it for questing but uhh doesn’t the leader not matter for chaos dungeons? Anyone can click the portal and you need all the votes anyways so leader is irrelevant? Also like has already been said, why don’t you 3man if you don’t like the random imposing on your party decisions?

As many people would probably suggest, if you already have a group(be it duo or trio I don’t care) why not just doing it with them “alone”?. That instantly solves the issue for you, makes it easier, doesnt require queueing and solves more other issues

I can only agree. I’ve been playing with my GF, and we constantly had issues with quest progress.
Sometime talking/picking up is shared, sometimes its not - there isnt even a logic behind, just the same thing work for one quest and not for the next.

Secondly, quest tracking/progress is hard to track in a group. There need to be an indicator at least, how many party members are on the same quest. The quest numbers need to be synced, ie Quest #1 is the same for everyone in the group. And because of the first issue, quest specific progress should be visible for others in the group. Quest with others is a constant “do you have quest XY?” “Lets go to quest #1; Is quest #1 quest YZ?”, “Are you done with the quest?”, "Are you done? Was it ‘shared’? "

There can be a Setting in the game menu, who can see your quest status/progress.

  • no one
  • group
  • group and friends
  • group, friends, guild
  • friends, guild
  • anyone
    (probably better with checkboxes than options box)

But there definitely need to be more group-questing features here

Hey HaoKanMe, anyone can click on the Portal for Chaos Dungeons, but only the leader can start the Join or Search Button.

We don’t have problems with randoms, we want that all players can join if the group isn’t full. I think for an MMORPG it would be awful, that only because Lost Ark is a mess in Group play, that we are joining only with 3 guys. It’s almost like a punishment for people who can’t help it.