Playing multiple Accounts

You can 100% have a character on every server and be completely fine. You’re trying to setup a bot account and are literally in here asking for permission. I know exactly what you’re trying to do

Dear @sokkidh ,

please read my original post. There you have the topic and my intention.

You are not contributing in any way to this discussion so please stop being a toxic boy :slight_smile:

Yes, and the moderation will tell you the same thing. all you’ve done is flag your main account for suspicious activity. Truly i hope you don’t think a VPN will protect you.

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I am sorry for some people and that you have to read all this. I really wanted to keep this post on topic and on the essentials of the topic.

I hope I will find some people that took a critical loot at the topic to add sth. useful to the discussion

They say it’s against the ToS but I have guildies who run 2-4 accounts and funnel everything since launch.

They’re not banned, the risk is yours to take tbh.

thats the thing. i’d like to see a post where a cm exactly says its against ToS because the cm in my original post says its not against ToS

What you are describing is viewed as an exploit. This would allow you to bypass weekly lockouts. Additionally using the AH to transfer gold in that way is not the intended usage for the AH.

Do not : exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.

Keep in mind that they do not have a list of exploits or practices that are forbidden. Just because something is not specifically mentioned in the code of conduct or terms of service does not mean that it is acceptable. Which is why they state the following in the code of conduct:

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.

You may have more than 1 roster per region but you may not abuse the AH in order to bypass lockouts. Doing so may lead to your account being banned. In the past people had gotten away with this - but with recent security updates the odds of being detected are much higher. Especially if you are sending large quantities of gold on a weekly basis.

“exchange of gold between characters of the same account but present on different servers”
“The auction house was not designed for this purpose”

I also did read that. But this doesnt exactly fit the thing i am wondering about.

I know many people with multiple accounts and also in korea its common. But in some posts i read its not allowed and in the link in my original posting it states that it is allowed, so i am confused xD

Yeah I don’t really know what to say about the inconsistent responses :sweat_smile: I do know that the info in the post I linked came from Roxx though - who in turn received it from SGR.

Technically speaking you aren’t even supposed to be playing on more than one account. There are still posts up from a former community moderator on the subject but nothing directly from the CMs.

With it being the weekend right now though I wouldn’t expect a response on this from a CM until Monday at the earliest. Though perhaps a CS team member would be kind enough to grace you with a response :slightly_smiling_face:

:), jea… i hope this post will get some attention so we will get a final answer to it xD…

Since in KR it is common to have more than one account and many people do it here, i hope that is how its supposed to be and that it is ok. I was just worried about all these post that it is illegal, so i wanted to be on the safe side before i do sth like this. I really dont want to find myself banned after nearly 2.5k hours played due to a missunderstanding xD, so i need to wait for an answer before doing anything

they answered this a while back.
as long as you play them manually without using third party tools its allowed. that means you need separate pcs for every instance of the game as well as different hardware input devices for all of them.
which means multiboxing is basically not allowed cos no multiboxer has ever done it manually. they usually use workaround to get multiple instances to work on the same pc (forbidden) and they almost exclusively use input cloning (also forbidden).

They also answered that 2 steam accounts on the same pc is ok as long as they are not running simultaniousely. But i wanna make sure if sending stuff between the accounts is legal :confused:

iirc they never directly said that its okay. they always mention that you should be careful using ingame methods in ways that are not intended and using the auction to send gold is not an intended way.

jea, they never said its ok, and also didnt say that its not ok xD… they mentioned that auctions is not intendet because ppl have another roster on a different server on the same account and they tradet via the auction house. Clearly thats not what the auction house was intendet for.

the smart thing to do would be to just play on a different server (in the same region or not) and just use the gold you generate there to buy crystalline aura for the account as its account wide.

Hello @Freigeist, welcome to the forums!

To give a bit more information on this, as many people mentioned before, having multiple accounts is not against the ToS, the main problem here is the transfer of gold back to your main account.

While transferring gold between accounts is not directly against ToS right now, it is also not an intended feature of the Auction House as mentioned before, if you want to farm with multiple accounts you are able to, but in the case any of the 2 accounts gets marked as a possible gold seller due to these transactions, I cannot guarantee you it can be restored.

Let me know if you have other questions about this or If I can help with something else!


Thank you @Fostus for ur fast reply :slight_smile: Didn’t rly think this post will be seen!

Does this risk to get flagged only exist when trading with over the auction house? I can understand that this is not an intendet use of it. But what i am talking about is a 1on1 trade or Mail of mats or gold with two accounts on the same server.

I also dont really see this mentioned in the ToS as an illegal action.

I think what Fostus means is that, no matter how you transfer gold to one account from another, although it’s not directly against ToS, but still do it at your own risk.

I guess

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Hey @Freigeist!

Not exactly, actually all trading of gold is monitored as @Erpan mentioned, and as you mentioned I also do not see it as an “illegal action” but we do not have a way to determine when its you the one playing on both accounts and not a player selling all gold on a 3rd party website.

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Thank you for clarifying this @Fostus

So all in all, it is allowed to farm on 2 accounts and trade mats/gold, but you still have a risk to get flagged as a goldseller and be banned. In this case I hope that cases like this if a ban occurs, will be handled and unbanned due to not violating the ToS.

I will think about if i am willing to take the rist, but i really still am not sure due to not wanting to lose an account with ~2.5k hours played xD

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