Please add 32:9 support

It has been over a month

Still no patch to fix the game looking distorted on our monitors

I’d say about 20% of your community is playing like this. If anyone is left, tbh I’m about to quit, I hate playing with the game looking like this.



Lmao 20% of people using 32:9 monitors? Nah maybe 2% tops.


20%. nice number made up. stop exaggerating to make ridiculous suggestion.

why do people always link that? its not accurate and many people well tell you this lmao


The data pulled is from users who ask to join. I have 32:9 and never joined the survey for the data to be pulled from my steam…so

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sad everyone will quit… :confused:

I didn’t even know 32:9 setups existed before this post. I hope they can support it, but I think you’re in a minority.

edit: oh, it’s ultrawide. Yeah, this game should support them. As much as I think they’re useless and you should just stick with 2 monitors.


Another demanding post that adds no values to Game Feedback


It’s literally game feedback. How is it not worthwhile?

yeah super ultrawide monitors are nearly sold out all the time at the store anymore because so many people have it. and lost ark is lacking the support. I heard even korea’s client for lost ark supports 32:9 so what the heck amazon.

OP could’ve try being nice for once. Just because nobody can see anyone face through Internet on the forum doesn’t he he gets to be a dick to people whose managing this game.

Also threatening “I’m gonna quit” doesn’t help.

I don’t have and never heard of 32:9 monitor, neither do any of my gaming freinds have it.

Or we all just poor scraps gamers?

Honestly missing out on an immersive experience with games not playing 32:9. I paid 600$ for mine I don’t think its too far out of peoples reach which is why so many have it now.

yeah, and because they exist, games should adjust for them existing. Again, this is a game feedback forum, I don’t even have a widescreen, but fucking hell, let someone complain about a thing that ought to exist.



I have a 32:9 display, but I bought it knowing full well not every game will support it. 21:9 is only now becoming widely accepted and so don’t think just because you bought something you are entitled for everything to support it.

It is still extremely niche with probably only 1-2% of users having it.

No, they are offered to join in a next-next-next-finish dialog box manner.

Besides, do you REALLY think there is a big enough bias in such wide survey to make an aspect ratio that’s completely contained in the “Other - 2.18%” group represent about 20% of a community?

How many 32:9 monitor SKUs do we even have in the market now? Odyssey G9, G9 Neo, CRG90, Phillips 499P9H, Dell U4919DW and the LG 49WL95. How do you think a resolution present in exactly 6 consumer SKUs in the market right now represents 20% of any given demographic, somehow? They hardly represent 20% of the ultrawide monitor demographic, let alone the whole playerbase.

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Besides, playing in a 32:9 monitor in borderless fullscreen 21:9 snapped to a corner still leaves enough screen real estate for a quasi-dual monitor setup. It’s pretty neat, even without 32:9 support.

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No. If I wanted two monitors I would do that. I want a full screen experience.

You didn’t even name the brand of mine so obviously you don’t know. And why are you here in the first place if you don’t want even have a 32:9 monitor?