Please add a default model option

With the incoming summer and its skin, we all know how it’s gonna end with every female wearing lingerie. While people should be able to enjoy their character, others would be greatly annoyed to see that every character is just panty and bra, be it just for immersion or anything else.
Animal skins are also concerned to some degree.

There already is a model placeholder feature in the game, when loading it display characters with the default class outfit. It would be nice to have a setting that allow us to activate this feature at will so that we can have player’s model replaced by default model on our side.


Hmm hide everyones skins? No more pedobears running around?
Just seeing how stupid this game became and changed to kindergarden kids appeal, I think its a good idea. Especially when this terrible pedokoko skin is gonna be out. That thing creeps me out.

Imagine artillerist looking like serial killer with flamethrower in his hand. And then he puts on “Hello kids I am your Barney the dino” and then the ayaya Artist comes out.
Pedobear La Music Lol GIF | Gfycat


Furry suits don’t break immersion for op. Bikinis? Disgusting…


It does but I barely see any these days

I don’t even know why you should feel concerned by it? It’s literally a client side option that only affect the player’s game, you can still wear your naked outfit and see other’s on your end
Coming here to complain about this when it doesn’t affect you at all feels like unnecessary booba defense, are you feeling that insecured

Apparently this is our swimsuits

I guess you’re happy now?

honestly, i respect that some people don’t want to see boobs and skimpy clothes all the time.

+1 this suggestion, but don’t go overboard with drama about this because we may not get the skins altogether.


I don’t understand the negative comments on this.

This person is literally asking for an option to replace skins with a default model (It would kinda break the skin needs many feel tbh) and nothing else. They aren’t asking for no lingerie or censoring or anything but an option to not be exposed to it.

Seems the most reasonable request since release regarding this topic tbh.


hahaha true and well said. i also agree, and would probably use the feature… even though i like seeing people’s skins, i really dont care to see people in lingerie… its just too coomer for me

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If I was still playing, I would not use it tbh,

But there’s people with different preferences and no issue with that. This actually doesn’t gets in the middle of anyone which is really great.


I don’t feel like I deserve to be put the blame on me for this, I’m not responsible for amazon’s decision, I am merely making a suggestion and at the end of the day not responsible as to how amazon would interpret it either

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Not you personally. But i do feel that the loud part of twitter snowflakes who is against anything sexual in games, paid a role in things we experience in western lostark

You can’t remove the sexual in games, it attracts and sells and people demand it. But because it is so widely spread and common on some games, I strongly believe that while you provide that for your game, you should also think about the part of your community that it might bother and provide some kind of “censorship” setting that only affect their side of the game.
I think it’s what most of the twitter “snowflakes” want but they’re not expressing it correctly and are affected by their annoyance when they think about it because they’re part of the side people never think about.

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Female characters can look very sexy in armors. To be honest I hate normal tier3 martial artist armor that covers all neck and collar part. But I find it cringe to see cotton bra and panties fighter vs bloody thirsty monsters wielding machetes. I would rather see something made of steal or at least leather. On the other hand, I am ok if martial artist wears cotton/silk oriental outfits as it fits the martial artist concept.

But its not the bikini models that bothers me the most. Its changing chivalry era into kindergarden sesame street/teletubby pedokoko troll joke. Ruins the theme for people that actually dive into storyline. Therefore I think that author of this topic has came up with a decent solution that doesn’t impact Barney the dino and teletubby enjoyers.

Unfortunatelly I will always see this game threw silly colorfull dinosaurs. I just can’t unsee this anymore.

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@Roxx Any chance we get feedback on this

I support the idea and it would also get rid of the neon-colored characters which can be downright painful to look at.
If anything it could work as a performance improvement toggle which also helps with class visibility.

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The door is right there if you’re just here to bring nothing to the discussion

Hey everyone, thank you all for the feedback in regards to having a default model option. I can understand why some players might want this option. I will forward this thread to the Development team for review!


Thank you so much, hopefully we can get some positive answer

Do we have no feedback on this? I’m growing tired of all the naked female chars