Please add a library of Cash Shop outfits! There's no reason to launch with essentially no Costumes/Skins

How am I supposed to Whale it up with vanity items when you have nothing in the cash shop for me to buy.
I’m being dead serious, and not joking here.

I bought the Platinum pack, and 100$ of gems first day, then 180 days crystal aura.
Then both the 65$ and 35$ starter packs. I had to have both colors of lions that I wanted.

I bought the Destructive Element and Alar outfits and there is nothing left for me to buy Vanity wise.
What gives? I know this game has a bunch of vanity outfits.
I have a bunch of money designated for this game because I want to have an expansive wardrobe.
I had over 200 outfits and vanity items in Blade and Soul, and created 20+ outfits and even more with dye and item variants in WildStar, now I’d like to brag about my wardrobe in Lost Ark.

So can I kindly ask for more outfits in the game? Swimsuits, Flashy cosplay, Crazy cool styled no armors.


Gotta make sure you log in every day to see if there is anything new forever. Keep it on a rotation so you get that fear of missing out too.

2+Weeks in and we still have no real outfit options.

This is so strange. The game has tons of outfits in other regions, and Korean games like these are fantastic at selling outfits… So Amazon do you just not want to make more money?

You could be selling outfits at 10~20$ a pop and making a ton of money, especially because we have outfit presets.

What is going on here? add more outfits to our version of the game!
Please! I’m bored of the 4 outfits I could get my hands on.
Let us have more!

Is there really no new information on this? We’ve had the same striker, slinger, sorc, and pally skins in the shop for the past 3 weeks…
Oh right, and the Alar set. Whoo.
Let us spend money on your game :frowning:

I agree with this; there should be more variety in outfits.

(Is there also a wardrobe we can toss all our skins in, separate from storage?)

They said they get skins out when they fix server issues, that’s the only thing that was said in regards of new skins

Yeah, I agree with you too!

We love more costumes! since KR has a lot of costumes right now.

I do not understand what is going on at Amazon games.

Lost Ark has a huge library of cash shop skins, and they release… one. And its an armor style.
I do not understand this what so ever.
You have released all of 5 outtfits in this game and only 2 in the shop.
What is going on here?
There’s a level of incompetency going on here that I am beside myself trying to understand.

There is no good reason to not have 10+ outfits in the shop that cater to a variety of tastes.
Why are you refusing to do something that would make you a lot of money AND make a lot of players happy?

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It’s so weird. There’s a ton of cool outfits on KR.

I’m also surprised there isn’t a paid item to transfer leveling gear appearances. Some of the drops look really nice.

This is certainly very odd. I have never in my 16 years of playing MMOs ever seen a korean MMO launch that has established vanity in korean, not also launch in another region with a store full of vanity items that could gather a lot of income from the player base.
This is a very strange thing to be incompetent at.
It doesnt make sense.
Lost ark isnt a new game, we’re not unaware of what costumes it has, my character page has 10 costume presets.
So what is there to fill them up with?

Kotaku has already raked them over the coals for the blatant objectification of women. They’ve got to offer some y’know, pants? for the females as well as bikinis, stilettos, and garter belts.

There’s a good business reason for it. Get people to buy the first skins or the shittier one’s then release new one’s slowly once there’s not enough ppl buying the older ones. It’s f2p, gotta milk the most out of our swipers. You can bet if somehow no one bought any skins at all, I can guarantee they would be releasing new skins and possibly more asap.

Seeing all the videos of Korea players is making me salty. I want more outfits, I want more fashion.
Amazon, come on. What in the world is going on over there?
Give us more outfits. This is bull.

I’ve whales for outfits in a lot of MMO’s. I was really excited to get my hands on skins in this game but hey on the plus side, the founders plat outfits are cute and I just spent my money on physical games instead. If they don’t want our money then I guess we play for free. I’ve never seen a game so reluctant to make money before that it’s kind of baffling.

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