Please add a "Report" button to the Character Inspection window

Sometimes it’s not entirely 100% obvious if you’re looking at a bot. I like to inspect that character to help my decision on reporting them or not.

There are certain things that are a dead giveaway that you’re looking at a bot once you open that window, however, sometimes they teleport away before you can go back and try to Ctrl + Right Click on them again to select the report option. Just a thought.

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yes but add button that just says suspected bot that does not require anymore input

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Yea well. This game gets more and more a witch-hunt for jealous people.

Well, actually I do not care, have more games on my SSD.

Yes, because “Level 1 Nameless Territory” and no masteries, gems, cards, or title and following the same path as a hundred identical berzerkers is definitely a “witch-hunt” for bots, because we’re “jealous” and not because we want to play the damned game without being hounded by cheaters and gold bots…

Wasn’t there another similar situation in another game where the meta for guild pvp is just top guilds mass reporting each other to get them banned before the battle?

I mean sure why not, add that button. At this point, anyone above 1500 and level 10 gems are sus, even for the legit people. Make their most valuable customers spend hours of their life emailing steam purchase logs to prove they’re legit.

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That was New World, I believe, yes.

I think they should punish guilds that do fake mass reports by banning them from guild events. They should also know who is doing RMT vs. who is buying from their shop.

Most of us just want to report keyboard smash names with no cards, engravings, etc. that are flooding the place.

So I saw this post before you deleted it because it’s sent to my email, and we’re talking about two different things. I’m not even reporting characters who might be whales or RMTers, I’m reporting gold bots who don’t even play the game and I want to make sure that I’m reporting the right people and not just someone idiot who chose a keyboard smash name to be edgy or whatever.

I don’t think this request will even move the needle on false reports, because they don’t need to look at your profile to begin with, they can just straight up report you without bothering to check. This proposed button is only useful to people who want to check and make accurate reports.


Yea it got flagged for what reason ever, since it was vs toxicity and the problem ingame with toxic players is increasing day by day. I’m talking about my server and I have no idea what to do against.
And I have enough of players who start to rage of you only because you are 1460+. It is just wrong.

And it is good if you don’t do it but a lot of the people on the servers does, at least in my region. Sometimes I wish I could just transfer.

I understand when people want to support AGS for deleting bots and RMT but people get blind. The last time a similiar shit happens in history was witch hunting. They see a lady with red hair and that is enough to burn her alive. With RMT is the same. They see a higher ilvl and just press report and the harrass button.

I wish there would be a youtuber who made multiple alts since day one and not only raising a main character and doing this with a daily consistency. You have no idea how huge this boost is in terms of mats and ilvl.

There’s no question that using more alts and doing infinite chaos and whatever for mats will help a lot. I saw one guy who made 100s of thousands of gold too via selling mats, especially early on when supply was really variable, so I have no doubt that some people get things legitimately and then get reported.

But yeah, I only report keyboard smash names that are parts of parades with their lvl 1 nameless territory or lvl 5 kjdslkfjlkdjsflkjj territory where it’s obvious that they aren’t even playing the game.

Sorry you’re getting false reports, that’s up to Amazon to look at purchase records and whatnot to see that it’s legit and not because jklsdjfklsdjflksjl mailed them 10 million gold.

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It is not even false reporting, tbh I don’t care but it is more the abusing language I recieve.

It is more things like that

“Cocksucker, how much mummy gave you for that glow? I hope you die, fucking RMT” etc…

Today it was a bit more friendly

“RMT gold gone that you were not able to afford the last lvl7 gem?”

Stuff like that. And there are no privacy settings to avoid shit like that because it happens very random to any given time.

That is why I was saying that people need to take care because it completely ruins the ingame experience. If stuff like that happens only few times… yea well… it happens tho…

But on daily basis multiple times… It is not so nice.

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FWIW, you can report people for “abusive language” and I think that should fit those chats you’ve mentioned here.

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This is what I was aiming for. It’s difficult enough trying to get the right-click to register, but a quick inspect does help when it turns out it looks like a real player after all who smashed their face on the Name screen.

I like this as well.

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