Please add a way to change the class eligibility of skins

i’m a Gunlancer main whose opened a lot of (timed/exclusive) skins at the start of the game and now i also have alts that could theoretically wear those skins were it not for the fact they’re all bound to warrior classes.

like sell a consumable that lets you change the class for any given skin and i’m sure tons of people would be interested in that sort of thing, better yet: a revert-to-box service for skins so that you can re-open it on the character of your choice rather than getting stuck with a dozen worthless skins that’ll collect dust.

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just ask for the skins to be sold again instead since thats the more likely thing to happen

i know that’s more likely, i’m asking for a compromise that’s more enticing for existing skin owners since paying full price for another set of skins that they already own (but can’t use for completely arbitrary reasons) that’s a bad incentive.

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why would they add an option to refit an existing skin for another class for less than what it would cost to buy another copy of that skin? they arent going to add an option that makes them less money compared to selling more copies of the same skin.

they’d be making less money versus making no money from people who won’t pay full price for a duplicate skin they already own but can’t use, there’s obviously a market there for people who for instance want to transfer their bunny ears or something.

Appreciate this feedback @sigma as well as everyone else in this thread. I can pass this on.