Please, Add LAO on GeForce Now for EU/NA at Launch!

Hello! Im a new player and new to the LostArk Community! Im a great fan of MMO’s, im playing since when i was 6 and i played probably most of the mmorpg title’s around at this point.

Im waiting this game since 2017 and im really hyped for it, i can’t wait to play this game tbh.

Most of my New World Guild and Final Fantasy static will move to LostArk, but unfortunately, i cannot follow them into this amazing new journey…

The last month i got Covid and i had some issue with my gaming laptop…and the graphic card is completely broken and done, so i cannot use it in any way or method…So i took from one of my irl friend an old (dated) PC and im playing games and mmo’s (the ones that are avalaible) on Nvidia GeForce Now…it’s the only way i can play videogames and mmo’s right now, so i bought a couple of months of sub and i started using it for New World mostly, the past month.

In the past days i found out that LostArk will not be (afaik) released on GFN for the EU/NA Launch and this caught me really off guard, because i was planning everything for the launch and i was ready to buy the founder packs etc…Of course this made me really sad, because i can’t play with my friends in this game and i cannot play the game im waiting for years, i always tried to dodge spoilers and stuff, to get the most fresh and immersive experience out of the game at release…and then im now blocked, stucked…

So im here guys, trying to spread the “word”… PLEASE…Add LostArk to GeForce Now…and Allow some of the player, like myself…to have a great experience in this game :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post and the bad English, is not my main language.

Hope you guys are doing fine, stay safe and happy LostArk release wherever you are! Bye!


totally agree

Pls we want LA on geforce now PLS

I agree that LA to Geforce now would be dope

It would be very helpful to add LOA to Geforce

Appreciate the feedback – unfortunately it is not planned for launch as we are only a few days away


i feel you mate, i join your cause.

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Just speculating, but if they did this:
And you dont have any devs or capacity (saying “as we are only a few days away”) in current sprint to port it, maybe just ask them to do it for you? According to their docs it’s not rocket science. They made this SDK so they should be able to to it relatively fast and you do not need to delegate your devs for this tasks?

I really appreciate some real answer instead of copy paste “not planned for launch” this time. Just talk with us, tell us what’s the big deal? You don’t want it on GFN for some reason or what?

I really don’t understand the reasoning behind this. I mean GFN works by connecting Steam/Epic/other launcher with game we already own. It’s just a platform to play on it, like renting a PC. Can u elaborate little more why you don’t want us to play on GFN? It’s even better for you because we can’t really tamper with this PC for hacks or anything. Maybe its UE3? I tried to launch LA (russian version) on my macbook using parallel software and I got this error saying I cannot play on virtual machine for some reason. Is that why it’s not on GFN? Engine limitations or something? Be transparent please.


I agree…some clarification would be good for everyone…

They said it’s not currently planned several times now. They don’t owe an explanation as to why. It’s how it is right now. That’s all.

You don’t have to like the answer, but that’s the answer regardless.


Unfortunately they say that same thing from July 2021 on Steam forum. When the original date for launch is from October without delay. :sweat_smile:

Sure they don’t but you get more customers and overall satisfaction when you are transparent.
Please never start a buissness with this attitiude bro.

One, not a “bro”.

Two, don’t tell someone not to start a “buissness” when you can’t even spell the word correctly let alone understand the basic concepts that exist in one.

Three, as someone who actually DOES runs a business and seeing the endless amounts of people crying about the same thing over and over that’s already been answered ad nauseum - yes - it needs to stop. They responded to the issue several times across [now] multiple threads. They don’t need to keep repeating themselves to every other comment who seeks personal attention.

If you don’t understand the difference between “overall satisfaction” and “wasting time repeating comments to satisfy needy people”, you’ll never run a successful “buissness” … “bro”.

I think we’re done here.

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Try to understand that an MMO launch is about making compomises to make it as smooth and simple as possible. Errors/bugs are expected and I’m sure the dev team should be focusing exclusively on that.

Let’s say implementing GeForce Now is not rocket science as you said. What happens if something doesn’t work on that side? Or if the performance is extremely bad? You leave it there, not working, for a month or two because the main game has bugs and issues that are imperative to fix? Is this good PR for your ideal business?

It’s better having less manageable features, than a ton of stuff you can’t even wrap your head around.

If this is hard to undestand, just accept the fact as it is and be happy that today you learned something to better see the bigger picture.

That’s so low “attacking” someone for misspelling while English is not his mother language, but yeah. I basically stopped reading after this sentence, if that’s how talk with people. You’re right BRO! Im just dimb. Have a nice day and no hard feelings.

“…someone you actually does run a business…”

Fixed it for you, bro.

You attacked me because you weren’t given a personalized answer from a member of the Lost Ark team, so I’d say “misspelling” is on the same field as that, is it not? You didn’t like the answer I gave so you threw out the “never start a buissness[sic] with this attitude bro” remark. Did you really believe that snide comment was going to be left unattended when it wasn’t warranted?

Because you don’t understand the dynamics at play for the company, what putting the service on GFN means both financially and technically, you “attack” my response (then attack me personally). It’s fine - you’re just unable to express yourself in a mature way at all - but just own up to the fact you’re being selfish and anybody else that might difference of opinion for any reason is instantly-negated in your eyes to the point of being jumped on.

Curious - are you posting to other companies to put their games on GFN or asking each individual company why they removed them when Nvidia put them on (without consent) or is it only Lost Ark that’s getting your attention? Fair question.

It is what it is.

And @HoneyDruid , you found the extra ‘s’. Good job! throws you a cookie

I guess the thread is done now, right … since there’s another much LARGER GFN thread going that actually has LA members responding (with the same answers, by the way).

Thanks for the cookie bro!

Seriously! I don’t understand the reasoning behind these companies at alllll! It would make zero difference for them what service we use to play our game, either our own pc or a streaming service! Like why would they want to lose on hundreds of thousands of potential players?


I totally agree with you!