PLEASE add more clothes customization and less stiletto's shoes

Spent the last week playing this game nonstop. I love the action so far and the game feels really polished. However, the outfits overall lack customization and I feel like I always look the same. Leaves me pretty bored with my appearance. None of the new gear I get really changes much. The fashion overall is just lack luster. I want to look cooler.

Please add a transmog or at least some outfits that don’t all look the same. Also, can you please add some normal shoes for the females? I despise that everyone is in stiletto’s all the time. I am not against stilettos but I am against EVERYONE having them. That takes the specialness of stiletto’s if every female has them.


Good luck getting your post to get any attention from CMs at all. I wrote a similar post here and Reddit and the interest is 0. And most of the replies you’ll get will be jarring. So in support of you and myself I can state that I completely agree with you and I would love nothing more than have more variety and imagination put into these costumes. It’s a sad thing that such a polished game is so lacking in this area. I’d love to have my fighter ladies wear a samurai costume or something…good luck to us I guess.

I think there is a transmog option in your stronghold, theres a shop/crafting station in the northern part of the island I thought I saw when I first looked around. (Cant check, server is in maintenance). Also I dont like your chances of non-high heels outfits, they would have to change all the models and animations.

Ultimately who cares about the amount of effort they would need to put in to have more variety in terms of costumes in this game. Both of these companies are multibillion dollar companies. They will add more variety if they want to and if the community requests it. Their effort is of no concern to me.

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