Please add tripod-like tracking to accessories for stats and engravings

It would be a massive QoL change to be able to add stat tracking for accessories like we have with tripods. For example, on my soulfist I would be able to mark that I want to track accessories with Specialization, or Specialization/Crit for necklace as well as mark the accessory when it has Robust Spirit or Awakening on it. Looking through each accessory individually is quite tedious

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KR just implemented a system similar (though not exact) to what you described - they’re letting you filter to auto-dismantle accessories based on stats. We’ll get it in time. I’m unsure about the engravings piece, though.

Honestly just this will save a lot of time not needing to look through domination, endurance, and expertise junk

Oh, no doubt about that. I’m really looking forward to it coming to global. :smiley:

This is probably not the thing you’re looking for, but engravings can somehow be favourited, but I couldn’t figure out how (maybe I’m just stupid :D)
What is the existing favourite feature for, just to sort the engravings in the Alt+I list?