About a month ago we received one of the best things this game has seen since launch. THE BOTS WERE GONE. Markets started returning back to normal and crystal prices were finally stabilizing. Within the time leading up to today, you released the tier 3 tower “Thronespire”, a new powerpass, new character, etc. These are all super good for the player base. But it seems were back to square 1 (ATLEAST ON WEST COAST SERVERS) the bots are back to taking over new player zones, flooding punika, participating in chaos gates and spamming secret maps in chat for hours, AND THE RIDICULOUS GOLD SELLING SPAM IN CHAT IS BACK. Also within this time, every legendary book has tanked in price because they are FARMING the t3 tower. This cant be a surprise to anyone as we saw the bots insta kill the tower and a guardian in multiple “highlight” videos on youtube. Can we please get Ilvl locks on the t3 tower and a proper ban wave? Considering any REAL player cant actually do that level of tower til 1445ish or above its ridiculous u can even enter it at 1302. Thanks for hearing me out. ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOUVE DONE UP TO THIS POINT. This is a war and i understand it will be an ongoing issue but people are coming back to the game, people are levelling, people are back to enjoying it. It would suck for all that to end because of some bots. :frowning: @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

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Hello @bossbuilds717,

I am sorry to hear you have run into multiple players you consider to not be living up to the Arkesian standards of conduct! Rest assured we are at open war (weaponless, pacific, yet doing everything in our power) against bots and will continue doing everything we can to eliminate such a pest!

Please remember the best way to report any player is through the in-game menus so that our moderators can check on all the details from the back-end, plus the more details you provide the better.

To report a player or guild in-game:
Press CTRL + Right Mouse Button (RMB) on either a player, or a player’s name in chat.
Select Report, then select a reason.
Provide the player’s character name, details of the incident, and include screenshots when applicable. For guild reports, make sure to include the guild name.

If you would like to provide screenshots or video proof, which highly speed up the review process, we encourage you to report a player or guild outside the game, by filing a web ticket Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games

Thank you for helping us keep Arkesia safe. :wolf: