Please advise ETA for return of Punika Growth Pack

Makes 100% sense. If you read it properly.
How do you know complaining has changed anything? You don’t. (Self-explanatory)
You know how much worse things have been internally before they saw public reaction and they still did it. This part refers to every bit of information that has been backtracked, pulled, or rescinded so far. Which has been so much. Its why these issues have propelled so far.
You also know how much better things were internally but didn’t change for the better due to people praising, not because their praises are valid. This part refers to many things the players or SG/AGS themselves have been praising bad monetary practices, player retention, content, game mechanics, etc.
The point of it wasn’t to show who was right, but why you just didn’t have much ground to stand on either.

This is the wrong answer. Do you job and push the dev team to release it now and allow everyone an opportunity to get it. Your next action/inaction determines the fate of this game. Yes You are gettiing the brunt of the hate because YOU have the power to go to the powers that be to make the community happy (and distract from the fact that your company is doing NOTHING about RMT’ers and bots).

Yall need to learn how to do your jobs better. Silencing the community is not management. Ignoring them is not management. If your first response to community outrage is “I will log out and ignore it for a day until things blow over, log back in the next day and continue to ignore them”, then you are in the wrong profession (and it shows).

ITs 5pm and monday is a holiday so check back on tuesday lol

Double price for half the items.

Also the daily login reward for today is wrong. Says 3 battle chests, you only get 1. Multi million dollar company.

I heard a rumor that the Punika pack was going to return Soon™

Don’t quote me though.

It is to late the damage is done. But I am sure plenty will still buy it

Bump for the weekend AGS CMs :slight_smile:

lol CM’s dont work on the weekends, and CMs dont work on the weekdays

It’s not the weekend anymore in Australia! :slight_smile:

Be good if we could please get an update on this…

Before mid-June 2023.

There’s been more than enough time to explain why it was removed… unless you’ve been ‘blocked’ on this too.

Which would be strange, given how quickly it was removed…