PLEASE allow for payment upon dungeon entry (held in reserve) for dungeon carries


Very simple solution: Allow people to get paid a set amount directly when the raid begins. On start, the funds are held in reserve. If the dungeon is cleared within 20-30 minutes, the funds are given to the host.


It eliminates any attempts to scam here, and it gets rid of the SUPER annoying people who cannot read, join as the 4th person, and vote to disband as soon as the dungeon finally loads and they realize their mistake. It is SUCH an annoyance if the party is completely disbanded afterwards.

I dont even know how these people can be this clueless, but after this happening 4 times in a row I’m just so fed up.


but the dev dun even want any bus on raid

so u are just dreaming

They said their cool with selling it not rmt.

System gets implemented → RMTs start using this to move gold between servers and to their buyers.


That is a good point… i didnt think of the implications.

Carrys are buy/sell at your own risk.

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But you can already use gems to move your gold between servers and it doesn’t require clearing any raids.

Yes, but those are easy to spot in public eyes, especially if you’re looking at the market board. This would make it much harder to spot. Plus this could be done with any content, guardians, dungeons, etc…

Original intention of a 8-man or 4-man raid/dungeon is to be done with 8 or 4 players respectively.

Why would they accommodate for an activity that is beyond the scope of the original intention?

Anyone know if any scammers get banned?i see threads of scamming wondering if ags throw a hammer at these terrible players.

IDK. It really depends on the ToS.

True, but if you spot such gems then what exactly can you do about it? Post here a screenshot and you think that AGS/SG will thank you because they totally didn’t clearly see this in their database (if they care)? This wouldn’t change anything as far as fighting RMT goes, only maybe public perception about how many RMT are going on (which would be good for AGS/SG actually).