Please allow non aura players to repair In abyss dungeons

I know this must be a topic already. I understand that the game is pay to play in some ways. I understand that you might consider it a sick revenue source to have people need to pay to repair in dungeons. It’s not okay.

I sincerely hope we can all agree that the basic amenities should not be this hard to do. Because think about it. It’s not just the f2p player that doesn’t want to use aura now or yet that suffers; it’s the p2p players that suffer as well. We all want the same thing. Allow players to repair, at least at the resupply points. Don’t make people have to quit a good group, or quit at all and force them to play in another one. It’s not okay. It’s not alright.

And i’d like to edit this just to say that I paid for the aura, I have the platinum founders pack aaand vanquisher pack. I think that all f2p players should have the option to repair in dungeons. To me, that’s just basic stuff.

This is just a predatory practice that has to stop. It HAS to stop. I don’t like p2w, but i’m okay with people getting ahead! But what i’m NOT OKAY with is this. You can’t PUNISH people for not paying. You can say “you won’t be as fast”, but you should NEVER punish your players.


I understand what you are saying but getting aura f2p is a completely doable through f2p methods, yes it should not be the way it is, but everybody has easy access to aura through the gold to crystal exchange

So calling it pay to win isnt accurate bc i havent spent a dime on this game and i have like 1k crystals


I do not think that our solution to the problem should be “Hey, just use a ton of your resources as an f2p player to get the RIGHT to enjoy repairs in a dungeon”.

That’s not the answer. I understand that it’s COMPLETELY possible to do as f2p. But like i said. A repair is a BASIC RIGHT in my opinion. I’m not talking about the ability to use remote storage, mail, market place, even life skill repairs or gem faceting.

I’m just talking repairs. I know not every game has repairs in dungeons btw if anyone mentions that, but most of them are far easier to do cross-server play in, or leave the dungeon and come back. This game doesn’t let you do that.

And i’m not about to argue about p2w on this, I just want to reiterate that f2p players deserve the ability to repair. Also again, i’m not f2p.

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Yeah and i completely agree that f2p players should be able to repair, but i think aura in general especially for a f2p players is a good use of there resources, the pros far outweigh the cons, and smilegate even giving the ability for f2p players to be able to have access to the OPTIONAL sub IN A F2P game is a nice gesture of them

The servers don’t run on rainbows and unicorn farts. If there isn’t incentive to spend some money on the game there will be no game. If you can’t afford it don’t play that content.

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I think it’s great that F2P players can get things like the aura via currency exchange, but I didn’t even realize non-aura players couldn’t repair in dungeons currently.

Pet repair should just be baseline. It’s too basic and necessary of a function to gate off in that way.

Man, the audacity to think f2p games run on gamers prayers and good will, thinking their playtime gets somehow magically converted into money to the devs.

Its a quality of life thing to have aura. Its not exactly expensive, and you can get with ingame currency if you want. You dont need the aura to play the game, its just nice to have

I know you mentioned this but in a PAY 2 PLAY MMO(monthly sub) that i play frequently, ffxiv, you cannot repair gear in the middle of the dungeon, or raid, I am not aware of any game that you can repair in the middle of a dungeon or raid except for this one

People would still get the aura if pet repair was baseline. It has plenty of other features.

WoW has repair mounts and repair engineering items.


If only they made chests with repair items in them that can be swapped in and out at start positions during Abyss Dungeons/Guardian Raids

Oh wait….

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Git gud, dont die.

Can you be more specific? Searching about repairs shows numerous websites and guides that make zero mention of any item that lets you repair.

If you’re referring to the repair portal scrolls, those only work in Guardian Raids and don’t actually do what you think they do. You still have to have the aura to repair.

Again, I’m not an f2p player, I believe players should pay for the game when they like it, but AGAIN, repairs are something we should all have because they make both f2p AND PAY TO PLAY LIVES BETTER. Idk how hard it is for people to not realize this lol.

But in those same mmos you can leave the dungeon and come baaack with the saaame group!

And we wonder why some servers are clunky

hey i would also like to recommend f2p players to be able to repair as well, i am paying for my aura but i absolutely despise having to restart a dungeon completely because 1 person cannot repair, what is the point of having certain players who can repair and certain players who cannot repair, it literally makes the aura pointless to have, if i always end up with at least one player who can’t repair, what’s the point???

laughs in crafter, repairs in any and all instances.

as long as you aren’t in combat you should be allowed to repair, same thing honestly should be applicable here for everyone and it sucks that it isn’t.