Please allow us to report from the mailbox

So one way the bots are getting around the mass reporting in area chat is by mass-mailing people.

I am unaware of a method of reporting people for gold selling that doesn’t involve clicking on their name in chat, and there doesn’t appear to be a way in the mail.

I would like to report them, but I can’t.

Please allow us to click on the names of people we get mail from similar to chat, so we can report gold sellers.

Even though tedious and not in-game, there is currently one way to report them with name, click reply to them so you can copy their name.

TL;DR: “Report a Player or Guild Outside the Game” from the link below

I mean, that’s…not really a solution. That’s super tedious, which drastically reduces the report rate.

you are totally correct, plus it will overwhelm who ever have to read through the reports since it’s not using the automatic system already placed in game.
but until Smilegate have someone implement the feature with actual code since it’s technically a new feature, this is about everything we have right now.