Please Allow Us to Skip G0 in Brel like Kr

Just wanted to mention this since I feel like G0 serves no purpose after clearing at least once.


Yes pls +1

yeah it’s useless and doesn’t contribute in anyway to the raid reclear

i agree its so boring seeing everytime and takes up so much time.

We are getting a QoL update in jan, so it might happend soonish

if u read the roadmap

maybe in the march qol update


SG knows that’s why south korea has it, give them time to give NA the Patch (probably coming with hardmode). They are developing/translating things. It’s not a 1 day, 1 week, 1 month thing.

This feature is currently planned to come when Brelshaza Hard Mode releases

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like when KR had after they had hard mode. meh…

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