Please alow f2p access to new slots

hi i f2p and want more slot for alts

plz add blue gem option

thank you

you could level them on different servers then that way you would have the option for more gold income, would just mean you have the problem of having to do sideways content multiple times to get skill points etc.

You f2p-ers already got the Yoz Jar removed.
What more do you guys want?

Just leave. F2P is not something anyone should be proud of.


You already get power passes, expresses and more events. What else do you want ? Free 1490 boosts next ?

No offense against anybody being free to play but some of you are super unreasonable.


get a job


if you are playing more than 6 characters then I think it is worth it for you to drop 10 dollars for an extra character slot to support the game.


is this the predatory whale milking that the forums talk so much about?

i feel the need to point this out.

but things bought with blue crystals are not “free”, they are bought by someone who wanted gold and was willing to let there royal crystals be converted for it.

what that means is, if the entire games shop was buyable with blue crystals then the demand for BC would be very high. this would mean people would raise the BC cost making legit gold buying even better then the illegal stuff.

or people could misunderstand how the royal crystal exchange works and bash the people that feed the whales gold xD