Please Announce downtimes earlier

Like the topic says, if you take the servers down for 4h+ and it is not a hotfix but a regular update like today, please announce this at least 24h in advance.

You are basically telling EU players to f*** off at this point.
No compensation for EU central players so far (Not necessarily for the queues, but the matchmaking issues should get comped) and now you tell us at 11PM that you take the servers off at 6AM till noon…

I’m not against the time, doing this worldwide you will inevitably hit someones daytime, but knowing before going to bed that there will be a downtime would have been nice…

What prevents you from putting out the info in advance?
I get that hotfixes need to be deployed asap which means with short notices. But regular updates can wait a few more hours (or a day) so you can give proper notice.

It is like you aren’t part of a multinational corporation and never dealt with customers overseas before…


I am completely agree. When the announce about downtimes for today has been posted I was sleeping. It was just around 5 hours before the reset, which is not enough time to players to get known and prepare their daily activities in the game. I am used to complete most of my daily activities in the morning, just during the hours before the daily reset.

It will be appreciated if you can annonunce it earlier so players like me can get notified and change their playing rutine this day.

Thanks, just helping to take better decisions.

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they had mentioned the last patch that this was going to be a weekly routine for maintenance, also it should be expected that a patch was due seeing how the past few days have been post regarding the march updates… i know its frustrating for EU but i mean its a NA based company , dont you think they would receive more backlash if they scheduled around another countries player base instead of its own in terems of patch times etc?

also they made posts and yes it was a 5 hour notice, but shouldnt the players be responsible for checking on updates themselves, especially knowing that this kinda thing was common occurrence so plan ahead o=instead of waiting last minute to do your quests

They actually announced it last night.

It´s not about changing the downtimes, its about announcing them more than 6h prior

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Mar 3, 10:32 PM (my time) so approx 10 hours ago.

The message starts with
"Heroes of Arkesia,

Downtime for this week’s update will begin on March 3rd at 10PM PT (March 4th at 6AM UTC), with an expected downtime of 6 hours. "

6-10h prior announcement for a 6h downtime during the daily reset is too short.
I´ve been online until 18:45 CET yesterday, there was no downtime mentioned. You can´t expect someone to be online until 23:00 just to get notified for a downtime.
And if there is/was a post in the forums about this, then srsly, get this information to ingame. People are not 24/7 spending time on forum to look if there MIGHT be a downtime

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they also keep changing the day and times, it assume it was tonight, but they did it 2 hour earlier than previous maint times. like, make up ur mind as well.

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Make your mind first. You literally almost doubled your frame for the sake of arguing.

They don’t have to be on it 24/7, just 1 minute while the game is loading up, to check if there’s anything scheduled.

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They actually only had 2 weekly updates, both on friday. They are doing it 2 or 3 hours earlier now, because players were complaining that they are doing it during the day.

All the other updates were just hotfixes for the ongoing issues. Those were unscheduled and released asap since they were fixing (or, were supposed to fix) an ongoing and critical issue.

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Later on it will be regular timing, for now, they should use in game mailing system to boost player awareness, on top of the social media and forum posts.

And yes, earlier notice would be nice too, as well as separate maint sessions for NA & EU with independent timings.

EU players do not deserve to be treated like second class citizens. Alas, all EU players can do is practice patience. Even as problems drag on.

Edit: wording

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Totally agree I think they should throw the blue banner up 24 hours in advance, even if its just here and there not continuously which would be fine too IMO. I hear they announced on here or twitter but I dont look there constantly every day, I play constantly haha

I made checking the news on the forum a daily routine while the game (or the anticheat which obviously doesn’t even work) is loading up.
For even further convenience, you can see the info about the maintenance on steam as well (community hub). Since it’s pinned, you really can’t miss it: Steam Community :: Lost Ark

" Those were unscheduled and released asap since they were fixing (or, were supposed to fix) an ongoing and critical issue. "\ I called BS from them hahaha

like we had like 3 days from unscheduled maintenance. I usually like to mess around, do activities, questing, events, and do my raid bosses at the end, to check if I can lv up some more for next chaos or raid, even abbys, but fk it, now its the other way around cause maintenance may be just around the corner, you never know ROLF.

Well, a 24h notice would really be appreciated

Just keep it in mind that around this time of the week there will be a few hours long maintenance.

I would prefer 24 hours, at least 12. I realize they’re figuring out their maintenance schedule, but players are also figuring it out, so its nice to give us heads up.

The news post was made, what, 7.5 hours before maintenance?

Yeah, i will do this now.
I am somewhat used to having long downtimes on the weekly resets, as most games i´ve played have their weekly downtime around the weekly reset time. I actually expected it to be yesterday, and was left a bit confused when there was none and thought there will be none :smiley:

I still think more than 12h “preparation” time would be really good and more planable for daily content. I specifically haven´t done legion portal yesterday as i wanted to do it this morning, just to get up and see that i can´t :smiley:

I’ve played a shitload of mmos as well, however, the one I sticked to the most was Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 had no maintenance at all, due to their megaserver and overflow system, allowing players to keep playing while the servers were being updated live. I wish other games would adapt their systems to this technology as well. It would make things less frustrating.
That said, I’m not overly affected by the weekly maintenance. I understand the need of it.

I think, once things really settle down and the weekly maintenance will become more systematic, we won’t need such notices since we’ll expect it anyways. I mean, that is, if they will come up with a specific day in the week and use it as a patch day.

It’s too soon to know for certain though. Right now it’s even more noticeable and frustrating due to all the quick-fix unannounced maintenances that were thrown in the mix as well.

Yes, 8 hours before they took the servers down.
I went to bed before announcement was made and woke up to server down…


Also this.

I check twitter and forum every day after I log off if there is a downtime the next day.
6h before is a joke - I sleep longer than that.

Especially when its not a hotfix but a regular update.
Just do it a day later so you can give proper notice before taking the servers down.

And yes, servers are still down on EU Central…