Please announce server maintenance on forums

I just logged on to Valtan Server and did not expect to see that server was going down… I check the forums regularly and did not see any kind of maintenance for Valtan server, so I was expecting to be able to play tonight. I still looking on this forum on when the server will come back on this forum and nothing, nothing on the official twitter about Valtan going on maintenance either…


Seriously… for a game I bought all the founders packs for I’m sure getting gimped by these devs.

They did do an official post 7 hours ago on the Official News section

"After last night’s maintenance, we are aware that some servers may be experiencing issues that will impact player experience.

We are actively working with Smilegate RPG to resolve these problems, but in the meantime, we will be restarting servers as needed in order to minimize server issues. When this happens, a server’s downtime is expected to last up to 30 minutes.

We will provide updates as the situation progresses."

-posted by Roxx

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and maintenance again, everyday maintenance, just come home and ready to enjoy the game then it maintenance for 3 hours : )


My problem is on their official Twitter they said server maintenance will start at 9 pm PT and take 2 hours. It’s now 10:45 PT and servers are going down soon for a 3 hour maint. So their twitter straight up lied lmao

i don’t even see a notice about the maintenance o.O" checked news tab nothing only the EU new region thing. sucks too i wanted to play it’s my friday but given the time and how long it will last im best off just going to bed.