Please ask SG to add something like this item permanently to the game


This item has potential to allow 8x dps groups to stand a chance at playing the game. The 300hps is the main thing that makes this item good.

The support shortage sucks. It sucks for everyone, even whaled characters. This item gives 8x dps raid groups a real chance to compete with a 2xsupport 6x dps group on Brel.


If needing a support was not part of intended design, supports wouldn’t be necessary by default. Thats just how the game is

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This design makes the game worse and isn’t necessary. It should be changed to improve the game.

Waiting in lobbies for hours is not good game design.


I like this item a lot i would love to see more craftable food buff items for sure!

How would you change it? Keep in mind that a sizable percent of the characters are support role so making them less viable would hurt the game to.

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Make the item be:
"+300hps, this is removed if you receive ANY support buffs "

Then it isn’t OP in a group with a support.

Support will always have an easy time getting groups even if this is added to the game. Groups with support are stronger. This is just a viable alternative for 8x dps but is still worse than with support.

You stated.

I was wondering how you would change the design? Does this buff item fix that?

I would be willing to try some 8x dps groups for G1-2 Brel with 1500+ chars that are somewhat tanky classes with this item. It won’t help at-ilvl squishy classes. I don’t know if people would actually do this though.

The best way to fix the waiting in lobbies issue is make it so both a raid group with 1xsupport+7dps and one with 2xsupport+6dps do equal raidwide dps and have equal healing/shields across all 8 players. This is a simple change that won’t make it harder for supports to get in groups (as 2 supports are still slightly better than 1 support) and allows players to play the game without waiting in lobbies for hours if they have 1 support in their raid group.

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Tis has been an interesting piece of feedback bubbling up from the Witcher event! I’ve seen similar in a few places. Will pass it along :slight_smile:


thank you!

never said it was good design. Point is that if they wanted to change, it would be different already. These suggestion posts are a waste of time

No, you.

This person and at least a few others have had this feeling about these items, and as a full-time support player I agree that another option should be there. It’s just that the suggestions are usually wild and unrealistic.

This, however, is not. It’s a good idea and it might lead to something.

In the spirit of the core issue in this thread. (Lack of Supports for current tier content)

Can you please pass along the following idea:

During the downtime between Class releases / powerpass / express events…

Launch a new limited time “Support Class” only express event that goes to current item level (instead of the tier behind)

I think that would help DPS mains be motivated to actually create and maintain support for current tier content.

You are not require to play with a supp, providing you use battle items as intended and the team is good at executing mechanics, you can even get Gunlancer to help with shields in certain situations, need to cleanse a negative effect? Use panacea.

Supp are very important because the majority of players don’t execute mechanics properly or don’t avoid damage, don’t use battle items etc.

The intended design makes people wait for 40% of their actual game time
Supports are a plague to the actual game loop

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I know you mean it in good faith. But as someone who honed on the Support manually for newest content since Valtan, id feel kinda scammed or want something similar for a dps class, which would defeat the purpose.

I have two supports at current content along with several dps… if you feel cheated because other people could play the game instead of sitting for 30+ minutes waiting for a support then you are living in some magical bubble and it must be nice.

On a support I can literally get into any pug within 20 second for ANY content in the entire game… I can be 1520 and make a party and cherry pick whale 1580+ Players with full lvl 10 gems

I doubt this will go anywhere except they will sell it with Royal Crystal

You missed my point i think. Id feel cheated because i spent ressources for something Others then dont have to. I built all my gold earner characters well to a point where i couldnt make use for a Powerpass particularly for supports, since i am not inclined to make another and my current characters get accepted fast enough into lobbies that start fairly quickly.

I tried Paladin and didnt like It at all and Artist doesnt look my cup of tea.

Hence i couldnt make use of it since i dont double down on classes.

Powerpasses we get with class releases are fine enough because you can use it in every char. For fun and or to test a class, maybe even to a point where you consider investing in it.

Am I missing something? Isn’t 300 hp/s very little? Coulda sworn this was a meme but now I’m not sure lol.

I haven’t used that item yet though :thinking: