Please at least attempt to have enough gear/skill to clear the content you queue for

1 Wipe on a 1370 alt with trash engravings/blue gear in Aira’s Oculus Hard matchmaking with 3 other DPS…

I’m now onto my 6th group in matchmaking before I even managed to kill the 1st boss nevermind a clear … 1385 Bard with 11 lv5+ gems & 3/3/3/1

No wonder that group finder wants people 50 ilvl above the content if your not even going to attempt to even be geared nevermind actually ‘remember’ to bring potions

Yeah I should join a guild or find a solid group :slight_smile: lets go then, EUW who is inviting?

The difference between a 1370 and 1375 can be massive

The F2P mokokos are getting into the 1370-1390 range and they’re making Argos gold runs really bad. Some groups are wipe city because awful gear and F2P refusing to use potions.

On my 4th Berserker (1400), we actually wiped in Aira’s Oculus for what I thought was the first time since literal March because the other players (probably F2P) were doing like… zero DPS with like 2-3 non-metaengravings. I didn’t even know those bosses had mechanics, I’ve been used to them dying super fast.

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On my alts I usually set clown and dragon to 1375 as that makes them have at least 1 piece of post 1370 gear. It could have been a carry but it helps keep out those with no chance to clear.

I mean… You don’t really need anything for Ohrea’s.

I do it near deathless on alts and they’re like 3x2.

Engravings and ilvl just reduce the time for people to screw up. That’s most bosses.
If they hardly screw up there’s no problem.

I get it. I did first wave of players in the water raid and it was a breeze.
Tried twice on alts and it was a nightmare. I now never do that raid, ever.
I hate that Giant Hearts made me do it again too.

Idk why you don’t just make a alt run group for party finder. There’s always other people running Oreha on their alts. Matchmaking is grief

i queued one of these matchmaking things as a support at 3am a few days ago and a 1370 blue gear destroyer with no class engraving (just super charge) did more damage than a 1410 3332 sorc lmao


So called alt groups are often the worst of all. So many of those players don’t want to spend anything on the alt so it has 0 gems of any kind almost no engravings and carrying no consumable. It seems to usually mean I put 0 effort into this character please carry me.

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bro every time i go into oreha hard i would be like “dark nade during cicerra 1st stagger” then if it doesn’t die in the dark nade’s duration i start to panic lmao

I’d rather matchmake than join an alt group. You may know the fight, but you likely don’t know the class.

Based on my experience I loss my trust in majority of ppl that queue in Oreha matchmaking, their mentality is like “pressing just 2-3 buttons, gearless, weird engraving, potionless while expecting some ppl will carry them all the way through the dungeon”

Even worse that trend also happening in Igrexion and Yoho lately…

that’s what happens when people were carried in T1 and T2 content so that they could get to the ‘real’ game at T3. guess what, they still want a carry at T3, and will never read or watch any guides.

Dude… Yoho took 8 minutes on one of my alts yesterday becasue of such players. I should get an achievement for that. Resurrects were all used up in the first minute or two because they can’t be bothered to drink a potion. And stand in fire every chance they get. Hoping that they counter even when Yoho is right in their face is too much to ask, they prolly don’t have it on their bars to begin with…

When I inspected them - oh boy. One without gems, the rest with SOME gems, lvl2 or less and/or T2 ones… Only one of them had 1x3, the other two didn’t have a single x3 engraving. Rainbow stats… How, how can you be this bad at 1370 ? Even bots have better gear than this…

I mean, I get it some people are stingy with their alts, but come on now. This is pathetic penny-pinching on a new level.

I think the impressive part is you consistently found 6 groups on EUW.

Just do them around 22-23h , way less unexperienced players at those hours .