Please BAN all the bots

Hello Lost Ark, Please ban all these bots running around Vern.

How is it so hard to log in the game as a Game Master and BAN these bots running around.

Is it that hard to have a Game Master in the game banning bots?

I don’t get it.

There shouldn’t be a queu this early in the morning!!


Do you realize there are more server groups, more servers in each group and more channels on each of these servers? Do you realize that this all is running 24/7/365?
Do you realize that amount of work that can be done by a single person is limited? Are you able to calculate how many peaople would be needed to make a small dent to the tide of bots we observe? (And I’m not asking about what effort you think botters need to reintroduce a fresh new bot character…)
Think about above mentioned facts and you will get it soon.

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I support banning all the bots!

Everybody and their grandparents does.

Are you a botter? cuz why are u bashing me for telling them to ban bots. I just want all those bots banned. literally.


I’m not of course.
I’m not bashing you for the good idea of banning all the bots. I’m just telling you that this can’t be done the way you think. Did you even read my post?!
(There are many things in this world that can’t be solved by an 6 year-old kid’s approach.)

its whatever dude.

Clearly OP, things happen with click of your fingers.

As mentioned above there are overheads and resources needed for this as well as due process. If you got banned for being accused of being a bot, it wouldn’t be great, so governance needs to be in place and good process to ensure that doesn’t happen.