Please Ban bussing so jail gate stops

Every week it’s getting more irritated, people are buying busses because they refuse to learn normal patern mechanics…

When they achieve certain title people believe these are pro players and know what to do… Every week we continue with jailkeep on any boss. Because players like this plays don’t know how to play proper.

Please ban Bussing.

  • Normal players are not set up with bus players that don’t know what to do
  • ye but im level 1540, you still get knock off by Valtan Platform, You don’t soak orb order from Vykas, you don’t know how to play clown and jail keep
  • More time waste because of jailkeep by these players = less fun for the people who want to clear 6 characters 18 raids in total or more stuff as game is getting bigger.

what you currently see a lot, people selling busses it’s overwhelmed, hard to find proper lobbies as you can’t trust players, Remakes or hardstuck after certain gates, like Gate 2 vykas, Clown are hard parties to find another decent party.

Can we stop it…? put a ban on it so people are willing to learn how the game exist.

If you now say “but people don’t have time to learn” how do they have fun in the game if that i’s current main content with some PvP content.


You are quite clueless regarding players.

You say that if you were to ban bussing, that jailge would stop ?
Funnily, it would be the Opposite.

The most trash players get bussed and thanks to that, you dont see these impostors in the raids.

Now imagine if they were trying to sneak into the reclear and exp groups. Thats where the real Jail begin.

Bussing at least keeps these in busses. Without busses, they would run away to regular groups and it would be real nightmare, and that would result in even stronger gatekeeping because of these impostors.

Be glad for busses, for they keep these there. Though, lot of them still try to join regular parties.


do you really think people who have full gear etc still buy busses? they join normal raids… good that you pay attention what happen

I cleared every single raid on its 1st week including Brel just by pugging it just because my playing time is not the same as my friends/static and they dont have to adjust their playing time just because of me so Ill let them go ahead without me.

Now, I’d say that I am pretty good at clearing any raid. But there are times that I needed to pay for a BUS. Why you asked me? It is because of my limitted play time and I have to at least make gold out of my other 2 alts.

I bus people too.

Am I part of this problem?

better if they join with full gear than with no gear

why the hate for bussing?

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There will always be jailing in a game like this. Bussing isn’t the problem. It’s the way the game is designed. If you don’t know this by now, maybe it’s time to find another game.

I’m sorry, but read this part;

Argos bus cost 900g → you make 2.8k gold so 1900g profit still
Valtan bus cost 1300g → you make profit 4500-1300g = 3200g profit still
Vykas bus cost 2300g → you make prifit 4500-2300 = 2200g profit still
Clown bus cost 12-15k → you lose 10.5k gold as you obtain 4.5k gold
Brelzaha G1-G6 cost 40-60k gold → you lose to much gold while gain is only 8.5k gold

so if you tell me you make profit, then you speak about lower tiers, Vykas, Valtan, Argos

You’re defending point that is weak, the game does not force you to play consistantly but at your own pace you just feel force to play and do raids.

People who defend are greet bussers that needs gold, that’s also not ok, you have store to buy items too and gain gold. But nooo it cost IRL money, yet pilot players are still out there selling Deathless Valtan, Vykas for a lot of money. So many topics to have hate on

Game is to hard, you have “learn raids”, but people want easy game to play then play non korea game as they are all meant to be like this.


I know few ppl who only run raids on their main, and just do busses on alts even with full relics and 4x3 minimum

You people that call 1-2 wipes on a boss Jail need to get your shit together for real. like ok so you got someone that doesn’t know a curtain mechanic… what do you do…? Quit raid and kick player telling him to go watch guide on YT… after 1 wipe 2 at best…

This your level of tolerance? 2 wipes and you quit the raid? because you are on a “schedule?”
If people could find a raid group willing to teach them, do you believe busses would exist? HUH!?


I’m not sure you even follow the point, the wipe is fine depends on what.

Vykas orb → people who can’t count and still wipe
Vykas g3 → debuff gather up
Clown maze → clock positions + color (people don’t know where the clown comes from)

these are mechanics you learn if you do it every week and shouldn’t fail on it as you ahve plenty of time enough to do it.

If you don’t like pugging, then don’t do it. No one is forcing you to.

you are so clueless at this. THESE PAPEGAS/AGENTS are already doing this. Prior my break 1-2 months ago i done all legions on my 6 chars in day. Now i do 1 char per day. Previous week i was in complete jail - 2 days on one char in vykas g3 because after multiple kicks, remakes we couldn’t find decent people who can do mechanics. It nightmare right now. Game is full of agents.

bussing has nothing to do with it, its just that it might be easier to gatekeep them without it.

And even then, their friends can bring them, or guild etc

You expect a level of play that is not realistic. Even for people who out-gear a boss means nothing if you can’t do mechanics. Even if you watch a guide/video on YT means nothing without muscle memory. You died to any boss to build the muscle memory for reactions. That’s how learning a boss works. So when you are not allowed to do a boss what do you expect?

Also what “depends” on is the problem of the wipe? if you don’t care to explain it to someone, or even let them ask is pointless…

My point is that your hole pov is so elitist it’s disgusting me.

Bruv last night we we’re running a last min Vykas Normal we one tap gate 1 I was confident in this group. Reaching G2 area a dude says he hasn’t played in a month and doesn’t remember the gate. He deliberatly jailed 7 people. There’s a place in hell for people like that


Form a Static or Join/Crate a guild. Do something about it instead of complaining. Nothing will change because all those people who you all are describing are not reading forums or this particular thread, it’s hilarious tho, please continue :slight_smile:

EDIT: So someone that was not sure about a boss mechanic came clean and informed you all about it so you know why you might wipe, you call this Jailing…? what is you smokin? send me some!!!

idk, i got feeling you’re person that is bussing a lot, but you will possible denie that.

Bussing is not meant for a game, people should play the game as intended. It’s a fact and if bussing was meant to be, then they should reduce difficulty of raids to have other players do it easier.

General i see bussing as RMT easy as that.

theres no correlation between bussing and gatekeeping.
gatekeeping would be a thing even if people werent/couldnt buss.

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