Please ban for pvp idiots who afk in battle to just farm currency

I’ve been doing pvp for some time and League kid from Kadan decided to farm currency in pvp. I met him twice in a row and thats what I got… Deathblade kid afking and inting which made pvp experience way worse. Please try to prevent people from doing so because PVE kids would destroy the whole competetive point of that game.

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Yes these players should be banned, its not “pve kids” its selfish people pure and simple.

It takes a special kind of asshole to ruin another persons enjoyment.


I agree with this. If players are already doing this for una weeklies, these types of incidents will be much more common with the release of PvP rewards.


AGREE! It should be bannable 100%
I hate people like this, they are even worse than people who don’t skip the cutscenes


I mean I feel you, but even if we make this bannable, these people will just auto move and throw out random attacks until they die anyway. Some people just dont wanna pvp, but want the rewards. So its difficult problem to solve.

Tbh, it is totally visible when someone doesnt know how to pvp or is just bad at it, what’s more by reviewing short demo you’ll see if someone is at least trying or is totally inting

Lol wtf people do this? Ive been spamming pvp and i havent seen it yet.

Now there are a ton of really bad players and ill /sit in a corner if i get two people sub 100k dmg going 0/5/0 with 30 sec left in a 5:10 loss. But outside of those rare games i dont usually see stuff like this.

Am i a bit toxic for that? Yeah but getting 5 games in a row with 2 grade 20s into 3 players as experienced as me is just an awful experience and i dont want to finish playing those matches. Idk if its my mmr or what but ill go from this 3-5 games in a row then the enemy team will be like that 3-5 games in a row. It can get a bit silly lol cant wait for ranked :smiley:

I got you, I’ve seen people at least trying and it’s ok for me, that guy at my first battle afk for straight 180s then writing that he went to the toilet and in 2nd game he died once and stand for the rest of the fight in the spawn, when asked he wrote what you see on screenshot

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Jesus. Hope the report goes through if you reported him.

And yeah usually i dont care. The bad days though the frustration builds up. It feels awful dropping 700k and 6 kills as scrapper just to lose game after game.

I dont usually see too much toxicity in pvp though and hopefully this guys just a one off. Im gonna keep an eye out and my report function ready though for sure

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I’ve had quite a few people that will afk an entire guardian raid or pvp match and at the end they say “sorry someone rang my doorbell/phone” or something like that in an effort to not be reported.

I usually don’t report them but you shouldn’t get credit if you do literally 0 damage by the end of the content.

Isnt there actually a system in place that eventually locks you out for not doing enough damage? Seem to recall someone was on the forums a while back actually complaining about this (He got locked out)

At any rate you have the option to report for gameplay hindrance and you should take advantage of it. One report might not get them banned but multiple reports from many different players likely will. If hes doing it regularly odds are he will get punished for it.

Yeah its the small text under the pvp queue selection options in the arena window. 2 warnings for “bad behaviour” and you get punished

Did you try the “report” button?

I’ve seen players doing this to finish their una weekly since launch. It’s awful.

Is it really? Maybe just stop giving people participation trophies

People like this aren’t even that bad, but just wait when the bots start rolling into the PvP that’s going to be fun

is 50k serious in 2 days?