Please ban these bots at tier3

OMG this is so sad!

lots of bots in my server as well.

Oh amazon doesnt seem to care. Waited 1h in queue.

That looks far more likely to be one user multi-boxing which, apparently is allowed, rather than bots. Names are far too similar/organised to be random bot accounts.

Based on the in-game time, I assume this was immediately after the chaos gate? The activity is popular with multi boxers due to the maps and gold awards for a relatively quick in-game event.

tons of bots in vern right now. They are legit like roaches.


Is there a reason why some run around the rep npcs?

Cuz to me it seems like a lot of them are just like, “yeh… because we can”.

I think they just make a script to make them go from quest to quest to level up. not sure

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Nah it seem to be the same bots at the same place over a longer time.
I think many of them are just trollin the game.
But yeh, maybe I am missing smth and it has sense.

The bots are also trying to get to 1415 when Valtan release…
When there’s demand there’s supply so as long as people still buying gold bots will never dies and this game encourage Rage honing players to swipe

Who else is coming to KR? If stoopz and other Na streamers can do it, why not us??

You need to obtained KR ID/phone to play in KR. It’s possible to get them :slight_smile:

Meet me in the back alley with the goods

Lost 50 aura of resonance because a bot refused to move in early T3 chaos dungeon. So sad.

Why are you in a group for Chaos Dungeons?
If you need other people to help you, play with some friends.

Actually, multi-boxing isn’t allowed. I knew I had saw a CM response in these forums regarding it a while back, so I found it. I don’t know how to quote that post in this thread, but here’s the quote from Azanaa, a community moderator on the forums.

Players may have one account, and should not create additional accounts to farm resources. You may have multiple characters on your main account, and can play your alt characters to further your main character progression.

It states a player can only have one account and not to create additional accounts to farm resources, aka, multi-boxing.

Here is the link of the thread.

Multiboxing - Multiple accounts - Rules - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Forums (

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Ah good to see clarification. I swear I saw another thread that implied it was “okay” but that may have been quite an old thread.

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My friends all quit too. Double sad. :frowning_face:

I have a pretty active guild but I’m usually online in the morning which is a quiet time for guildies. The 5 hour difference also doesnt help. (Played in NA because of irl friends that quit anyway xD)

Oh damn. Last night, I had multiple chaos dungeons where players would not move on to the next phase. It’s because they’re bots?!

Yup, had the pleasure of meeting another one today. 2 days in a row now.

Blurred out some names for privacy purposes.

where can i rent a bot that does punika story?