Please Be Better AGS, A Genuine Plea For Improvement

Let me preface this before I Begin, I do not hold a grudge against @Roxx, @Maselbart or any of the other forum moderators/CMs. My Grudge is entirely with SG and AGS’s management. I’m aware Roxx and others need to be checked and cleared by their managers prior to any posts at all.

Now, With that out of the way, We need to have our feedback actually addressed and our concerns actually validated and responded to properly.

Firstly; Vague Communication/Terminology.

We’ve been blocked for several weeks now, yes, hence the lack of clarity around the June update

Roxx mentioned that they were ‘blocked’ for several weeks. This vague terminology caused what can only be described as excessive speculation. And, I’m almost certain they were prevented from actually clarifying what they meant. This was deemed by the community as completely unacceptable, and caused a lot of fearmongering and confusion. Please be better next time.

Secondly; Radio-Silence after Bombshells.

This stems from the above point, but the inability to clarify any points actually being made is a large issue, and it’s part of the communities main concerns and anger. You can’t leave us on cliffhangers. We Just want Clarity. We want the absolute minimum of respect. If you’re going to delay from your original predictions/deadlines, Tell us a week before that actual expected deadline. Not a week after.

Thirdly; The actual quality of the communication.

I get that our CMs are Human, They need time off, breaks and sleep too, however, having one CM shoulder the burden of multiple announcements and the massive backlash is far too much for anyone to realistically handle. AGS Should have people responding around the clock, not just for 2-3 hours a day, when they feel like it. There’s plenty of companies with dedicated CMs who focus purely on their forums and outlets, and others who branch between those teams. Considering AGS isn’t a ‘small indie dev company’, We expect more.

I could continue for hours on these points, but it’ll turn from actual feedback/concerns to a mindless rant if I do. So I’ll leave it at this.

Please be better AGS. We don’t want New World 2.0, We want Lost Ark. We want you to respect the community you’ve built.