PLEASE be consistent and professional AGS/SG

Dear AGS/SG,

we were told the communication will improve.
So why are we now here again to talk about the same issue? Why are we being told 4h maint. in the Forums and then 6h maint. ingame?

PLEASE start being consistent about the info you give us!
It doesnt matter if the maint. gets extended or not. Problems happen. But dont tell us two different things.
If the maint. length changes, just Update the Forum post to say 6h as well and let us know.
Yes some might be still angry, but anyone mature enough will understand.

Long Story short:
I dont see the problem in being consistent with the timing about a patch. There shouldnt be two different times to even begin with.
Yes mistakes happen, but you only do them once and then learn from them.


Edit: Please dont get me wrong as a typical ranter on the Forums. I do know that there has been an Update about a 90 min extension. What i am asking for is telling us in advance and giving us the same info on all of the channels of media.

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They did.


uhm they did lol

Yes, they did announce a 90 extension 30 min after the regular maint time has ended.


Every other korean games that i’ve played extended maint happens allot more often too so im used to it at this point, im not surprise anymore and they make an announcement like 10 - 1 min ish before expected time finishes

I dont care about them extending the patch.
My point is that they told us 4h on the forums and made a ingame announcement saying it will take 6h. Now we are told that it will be extended by about 90 min which perfectly goes hand in hand the the ingame told 6h Maint.

Then whats the issue?

Why not edit the Forum post to say 6h instead of 4h before the maint even began?

how they like to bother in the forum… how noisy are some

Well if you haven’t noticed, Roxx was the person posting the maintenance and it was another CM that post an update of extension, if it was Roxx then she could have easily change it but then most of people woudn’t read that part of the whole text since people are lazy to read or can’t be bother rechecking the post while having a new comment people would tend to read it more.

And in case of in game notices of 6 hours and on forum post saying 4 hours cause the forum post was like 12 hours before and many things could happens during the maint that can can either cause the maint to push back extra time or thing goes smoothly so they put the Expected time to be 4 hours (which doesn’t always means its 4 hours) while in game announcement was like within 2-3 hours before maints Roxx could be busy or not around to make an update to the post, even then my previous point still stands that if she did an edit to the post some people will overlook as most of the people don’t read until its pointed out, incase of why they make an update on extension this late i dont know

Yeah thats the whole point, why didnt any CM post it like Sandovall did when they apparently got the info that made them post 6h ingame

Do you even know what “EXPECTED” is ?

Guys … i NEVER talked about them expanding the maint time. My whole point is why are we being told two different times about how long the whole patch is going to be

All those professionals here who advice Amazon how to do the job. :grin:


As I said above, the forum post was 12 hours before maint and they weren’t sure how long it will take so they put a 4 hours as expected time. As we get closer to the maintenance and things are finalized they prob can grasp the duration of the maint and prob have something else to add on / fixes along with it so they change it to 6 hours and post an announcement in game while Roxx was prob either away for the day / not notified so she couldn’t make changes to her post / add a comment to it in advance so Sandovall have to make a comment as an update of extension.

Welp, back to another extension we go anyways xD

Have you ever done a server maintenance in your life?

I guess not. Some unexpected issues might occur.

I had do do one on a much smaller scale than LA servers last Friday. Expected < 1h, final time 6h. Just because of simple false dataset in the database that was very hard to find.
Expected: normal weekend, final: weekend postponed.

That’s why the are always saying “expected”…have you also applauded last time when servers went back up earlier than expected? I don’t think so either…

And yes I’ve read that there might have been a bit of a time confusion. Why don’t you simply wait until the servers are back up again or maybe wait (never play on patch day…heard of that?). Or is is that important to you to login to a specific point to be…Idk…world first something?

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Yea, they just got another issues so theres another 2 hours extension

I played this game 6 months in Korea, and I’ve seen literally only 2 times they extended the maintenance. Maybe in NA it is normal, where game companies don’t know how to work properly.

Extended maint is normal in many other games that i’ve played too and most of them are korean games.

If a game with a big update and the maint goes super smoothly without an extension then you know something isn’t right