Please bring Australian (OCE) servers

I’m an Australian player who was forced to make a character on a US West server, like most Australians have to do to play games these days, which is down right stupid, i understand we are a smaller player population, but OCE servers also help other countries in the area of Oceanic Pacific. I looked up which server had the biggest Australian player base so i could play with people in my time zone, which turned out to be Valtan, which as of yesterday had its player base REDUCED, which I’m assuming is to combat bots, but it also affects your player base for f*** sakes. I started at a 14000+ queue, and it looks like its going to take a few hours to get in, what a ridiculous way to treat your player base. Amazon has OCE servers for their other game, New World, but still haven’t got an OCE server for Lost Ark, what a joke. Surely it would not be difficult to have one or two OCE servers to accommodate Oceanic Pacific players.

I was enjoying this game, getting pretty far and having fun for the last couple of weeks of playing, the queues hardly affected me, usually starting low, and even on weekends it wouldn’t get much higher than 4000, but now, on a weekend of all times, it started at 10k past the usual 4k server, honestly, Amazon, did you really think this was a smart way to combat bots, at the expense of your player base?


Big +1 for this, it seems ridiculous that they keep band-aid fixing current US West servers when it would be solved in an instant with dedicated OCE servers. Not only is it sucky for OCE players, but it affects NA West players too - most of their team mates are 180+ ping, they have to deal with the same queues, etc. - and countless US players are also calling for dedicated OCE servers.

The actual figures for active, interested players in the entire OCE region (SEA, Pacifica, New Zealand, Australia) is probably much much higher than their data shows. The decision is only healthy for the player base, there is absolutely no downside. As far as I can tell from their handling of it, the only barrier is cash. C’mon AGS, its 2022.

As for bots, limiting server size has gotta be the laziest decision. At this point with how flooded the game is the only real solution is to have in game GMs on every server cracking down, or, eliminate the necessity for currencies like gold. If players could access gold that much easier, the concept of buying it would be pretty pointless, bada bing bada boom, bots dry out.

But ofc all of that is extra labour and money so, lets screw over our active, paying players instead pfft

I would love this as well. But only if done correctly. I don’t think I could make the swap and have to pay for character slots again. I want to transfer my existing roster. Something that so far does not seem like they would do. I’ll stay PVE at 200ms instead if it means I dont have to restart.
Just showing some interest I guess.

Even if we get OCE servers we would need to be able to transfer characters between servers, which i’m pretty sure isn’t even a thing in Korea but if we ever actually get it one day i’d be very pleased. No more rubber banding when dodging boss attacks

Are character names region wide across all regions? Or is there duplicate names across different regions? Might make keeping our character names hard.

@Roxx , any word from the top about this i mean, the numbers are clearly there that arent bots as weve seen the 880k bot boast.
i there are no oce servers coming soon, we need to know. kind of a must rn considering ags and sg LOST ARK condition and situation. it will help ease people at the very least because yall are too damn quiet on this matter.
FFXIV has even got oce servers. at this point with the bots, rmters, the constant question of oce servers and not to mention the plea for it with crap confirmation, its going to be better off for us to simply jump ship. is that what ags and sg wants? a game specifically with the population of bots?

Names are unique within a region. I would certainly like OCE servers though. Literally zero reason why there can’t be any given the current servers are hosted on AWS and there is literally AWS regions in Sydney…

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It makes no sense that they don’t have OCE servers.

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