Please bring back captcha, bots are back :(

Captcha that was tested in NA-west was incredible for the week we had it, bots were nowhere to be seen and I actually got to witness real players hanging around town.

Now that the test is done, and captchas have been taken back down, bots are back swarming everywhere I go. Thank you for fighting bots plz do it again.


Captcha will only slow bots for a few days, they will bypass it unless they develop an AI that is able to generate random images for each captcha that way botters won’t be able to make a program to solve (unless they also use AI kek)

At least they can only sell 20 items right? ahaha

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as if they ever left :joy: what a slowpoke

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the captchas didn’t even block 30% of them :joy: cope harder

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:ok_man: :grinning: :two_hearts:
captchas were great and i’m not even the only one who thinks so browsing over the rest of the posts in the feedback forum. Idk if you are on NA-west or not but it was only tested in that region

I genuinely don’t understand how they would evoke a negative response from legit players. Negativity towards people supporting anti-bot measures is just sus.