Please bring back captcha

Please bring back captcha at least in NAW. Or just do ban waves on bots each week when the servers go down. Each time the bots are gone people get excited but then they’re all back the next week. They were not nearly as prevalent when we were having to deal with the captcha junk but it was worth it to see real players pass by instead of sorcs named “osbanflsbnfl” running back and forth in a single file line. Or just go ahead and add a link to the website for the bots in the in-game shop.

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Hi, PinkBismuth. Thanks for your post. I’m sure the team will be interested to hear this feedback. I will be sure to pass this over to them.


But I think CAPTCHA is not strong enough, because I haven’t met it for several days, and the bot is back, so we need to strengthen our efforts,Why should we cancel it?

Started playing on NAW earlier this month and the captcha helped so much. Went from seeing hundreds passing me during the leveling phase every day to a handful during the whole week.
Playing through Yorn for my 2nd time this week and the amount of bots make me demotivated to finish the story.

Please remove the 20 AH listing limit, tell them that too please

the captcha removed so many bots.
and after you have added the captcha, please do some analytics to see how many people are actually on each NAW server, because NAW needs some merging

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