Please bring back the frog

prices are still out of control (NAW)
maybe even add a book combining vendor
something like combine 5 greens to make a blue, 5 blues to make a purple and same with leggo books
make it easier to build 5x3 builds without saving 50-250k gold to make it happen


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What exactly is the so called frog? I just started playing again after several months.

It’s a NPC that sells bags of random legendary engraving and mats for gold weekly.

you spend 2k gold and get a box that gives you 1 random golden book (includes every combat and class engraving in the pool), you could buy up to 6 per roster per week

it also had a bunch of boxes per character that include random bound honing materials which you would buy for gold (gold sink)

and it had some other per character boxes which included a bunch of “borderline useless” items in the drop pool but also a potential legendary card select pack (another gold sink gamble)

the main part that people care about is that it pumps alot of books and also class books especially into the market, making the prices much more affordable, also with the select pack gamble and better honing mats per gold rate (although bound) in the other boxes it helped remove gold and ease inflation

Got it. Sounds pretty nice.

ty guys

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100% agree bring the frog back

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Recently returned to playing again. Would love the frog to come around !

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yeah they will back the Frog but the price of the bag will be 20k gold so BOT/RMT will not abuse this okay AGS lets go! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I thought they said the frog was only comming out for the month a new class was released?