Please bring us the updated MMR system ASAP!

@Roxx @Maselbart I don’t @ you guys ever, but this is a really important thing in my opinion.

For reference, this is what we will have:

  • Grand Master: Top 30 players in the region
  • Master: Top 31 - 100 players in the region
  • Diamond: 2000+
  • Platinum: 1800 - 1999
  • Gold: 1600 - 1799
  • Silver: 1400 - 1599
  • Bronze: 1399 or below

And this is what KR currently has:

  • Grand Master: 2000+ and Top 30 (from 2300+ and Top 30)
  • Master: 2000+ and Top 200 (from 2300+ and Top 100)
  • Diamond: 1800+ (from 2000+)
  • Platinum: 1500-1799 (from 1800-1999)
  • Gold: 1300-1499 (from 1600-1799)
  • Silver: 1100-1299 (from 1400-1599)
  • Bronze: 1-1099 (from 1-1399)

This older system of rank distribution that we got pigeon-holes a lot of new players into a low rank. KR released statistics from that system and shared that 90% of the playerbase was stuck in Bronze. There are many inherent issues that contribute to this, but the updated KR system makes ranks easier to get by 200 MMR and consequently gives players a prettier badge to stay motivated to climb.

I’m a veteran in arena, that’s all I’ve been playing for years, and as much as the new system “devalues” the ranks so to speak, there is no value in ranks that are unattainable for 90% of the players. I would much rather have a more even spread of players in Silver, Gold, and Plat, than to have those ranks feel more exclusive but sacrifice the general population’s interest and motivation in the process. Trust me, the old system sucks, it’s too steep, and climbing out of Bronze is legitimately an excruciating experience for most players.

Please, please, bring in the new KR ranking system, or people will lose motivation in ranked and it will die down. PvP is already really steep and difficult to get into, we don’t need 90% of players getting bottle-necked in Bronze and giving up because they don’t feel like they’re improving.

And before I get told to learn to play or whatever, I’m an NA player who got Master on Russia. I love PvP in this game and it is within my personal interest to make it more accessible to players, so that we can have more people enjoying the climb and actually feeling rewarded from it.

Please AGS, bring us the updated MMR system as soon as you are able to. Competitive season being 6 months long is already discouraging because people have to wait 6 months to get PvP exclusive rewards - if you bottleneck the majority of the population on top of that it will not be good for the PvP community. This isn’t about ~give us the original game~ or whatever, it’s actually just a massive change that will keep PvP alive.

Update: The ranks in-game are actually all 100 MMR higher than what it said on the website as well. Instead of Diamond being 2,000 as indicated on the website earlier, it’s actually 2,100 and so on, for every rank.

Amazon, if you have the decision making in this, please implement the KR system. Bronze covers a MASSIVE chunk of MMR (0 - 1499) and that coupled with every rank having extremely high MMR minimum, this system is hellish to climb in for new players. Yes, inherently anyone who is competitive should focus on improvement and not the badge, but ranks are there for a reason, and I think someone who is 1400 MMR is much better than someone who is 1,000 MMR or below, and that needs to be recognized with a reward. At the end of the day, games are meant to be fun, even PvP. Please implement the KR system so that new players won’t give up on the climb within weeks!


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Completely agree.

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Couldn’t agree more. We want the pvp scene here to thrive and the current system will only hurt it.

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+1 but i don’t think they will do this change, we are so close to the maint time x-x

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Yes this absolutely needs to change. It is extremely demoralizing for 90% of the playerbase to be bronze.

Imagine a beginner who loses his first few matches and ends up at around 900 rating. That player will have to climb 500 rating without any indication of their increased skill being represented by their rank.


cant understand how we got all the updated pvp changes and then weirdly given the old broken rating system…


agree + vouch + W

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Vouch! well said Laufie

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Agreed + W + Best PvP Bard Laufie + Nice


The updated system is a must if you want to see ranked PvP flourish in this region. +1


Agree + 1

Please I beg, use the KR system. 6 months of this is gonna be rough.

makes sense

How much is it on KR ?

  • Agree with OP, love OP.
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lol i was actually gonna ask for you opinion on twitter when i saw you comment on the roster wide rank to ask what you thought about having old mmr system XD.

just form moba experience etc who often use similar systems i can see why the old system is a failure but 6months season seems totally fine but i agree on giving us the new system from the start if we have to play with old system for 6months its gonna be rip


agreed! the KR version is better suited for a new launch where people are still learning pvp and need incentives to learn and climb the ranks


Thanks for bringing attention to this. Did not know it would be like this, and wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon didn’t know either. But now they got the info and can act on it.

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