Please buff T3 Gold if you nerf T1-T2

Buff T3 Abyss, Argos… Give us 1 roster limit gold chest in the T3 Chaos dungeon vendor with a 1340 requirement…

There is plenty of places for you to put back the gold that you are taking away so the bots cant take it. heck, add it to the guild vendor with also a decent ilevel requirement.

Will the bots eventually make it there? probably. But at least the player base wont suffer as much.

Even if they give out gold it shouldn’t be added to weekly content.

= ilvl ========== gold reward chest======
=1340========== 69 gold=======
=1370========== 169 gold=======
=1400========== 569 gold======
=1490========== 6969 gold=====