Please! Can we have the mileage shop?

As the post suggests can we please have the mileage shop?

I have amazon prime and all that which is alright but the suboptimal version of the shop compared to our KR/RU versions and it’s a bit frustrating to have been supporting the game since release to get no return in comparison to our counterparts.

The release of Yoz’s Jar just feels like a massive cash crab with no return on our initial investment.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?


Mileage would help distinguish legit whales from RMTers. Not perfectly, but quite significantly.


It would also be a nice reward for those who have been buying legit instead of RMTing.



The mileage shop would be amazing (with solely cosmetics like in KR - e.g the gold mokoko pet and leather graffiti glow-in-the-dark jacket).

It would reward legitimate spenders and give them something to “flex” with while supporting the game financially and curtailing RMT at the same time.

It’s a win win win.

EDIT: The points should be added retroactively to reward those supporting the game from day 1.


Agreed especially since anyone who hasn’t resorted for RMTing has gotten pretty much the shaft from AGS/SG over the last 4 months since their ability to catch RMT has been so poor.


I’ve advocated for this since day 1.
We need the mileage shop. There’s no reason why we can’t have both mileage AND Amethyst shards.


You know this 250k points worth around 2k dollars?

2000 is nothing over the course of 2-3years… You build up mileage over time, it’s not a direct purchase…


Yep, I’m well aware.

They said they aren’t planning on adding it but I do hope they at least add more ways to get the shards.

Spent more on WoW with all the server/faction transfers over the years. I wish they had a system to reward those who spend on such outrageous cash grabs like $50 for a faction transfer…mileage system is a great idea.


I think just because they do not plan on adding it does not mean the player base should give up on it, if its something that is in demand from the player base they would be foolish not to listen to the players, the current bot situation as an example we complained enough about that and they took action.


Rewarding players for spending in a game is never a bad thing, this is part of the point that I want to make as well to move people away from the idea of external providers and reward them for the spending in-game.


That would be nice.

I actually agree with this.

Get rid of the Amethyst shop and give us the Mileage shop already.

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I like the mileage thing kr has u can really flex for having 1 of the most ugly skin in LA

250.000 = 2000u$s??? thanks, but I’ll pass from this system


Yeah at least this mileage shop thing is better then this shard thing. You always get mileage when you spend money and this shard thing is not settled and don’t have that many sources to obtain these shard. And this RMT guys, whale will have at least more interest spend ingame then buying from 3 party when we have mileage system.

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No reason we can’t have BOTH mileage & Amethyst shop. You have to spend $ on Amazon Prime to get Amethyst shards anyway… It would be significantly more profitable for AGS to add mileage to the cash shop and those who don’t want to use that can get the same rewards through Amethyst shards.