Please! Can we have the mileage shop?

I don’t think they even know what they plan to do.

If they are replacing the mileage shop entirely then they need to make ways in game to earn shards. They need to add more things to the vendor too.

They don’t even need to add a new currency or mileage shop but add shards to your purchase just like how mileage shop works. You can earn some as f2p through blue crystals/gold or something in KR as well someone said anyway. It’s just a lower amount than royals.

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Wow owe it. Looks amazing :scream:

Right? It’s so shiny.

We don’t have plans to bring the Mileage Shop or the way that the system functions into the game, but Amethyst Shards are in place to be a version of that so players can pick and choose to obtain these stretch items without necessarily spending so much outright. More offerings will be added in to this system over time


We get barely any amythyst shards though so its not comparable at all, they literally only drop from rare twitch drops or once a month amazon prime packages. What of the outfits in the KR mileage shops that cost 1m mileage points are they going to cost 10k amythyst shards even though we can barely even get more than 2k?


I think if the amethyst system is to replace the mileage shop we need to earn more than we currently do, or have more methods of attaining, maybe add them to event vendors? Only a reward from drops or twitch prime really slows our acquisition by a ton


They almost certainly excluded it from our version because the outrage of including it in an already delicate environment where people were hesitant as to whether the game is P2W, wasn’t worth the risk, compared to pleasing a small percentage like yourself that want it.

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It’s going to take years to even accumulate enough amethyst shards to buy out what’s in there now. Give us mileage shop and currency or at least provide that as an option WITH amethyst shards being the ‘more F2P’ route.

The game is still pay to win. Excluding the mileage shop doesn’t make the game any less pay to win. In fact, we have the most pay to win version out of all other versions with the worst events.

I wonder how many years of amazon prime it’s going to cost us to get the golden mokoko pet.

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I know Roxx already commented on this, but I don’t think there is a single NA/EU player that doesn’t want this addition. We want the SAME game that Korea gets and I understand that we’re behind by a lot, but the mileage shop should be a point we can work towards as the amethyst shard shop is not really comparable.

so, +1

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I think the amethyst shard shop is poorly designed.
You need to:

  • Lower the prices
  • Update the shop
  • Have more amethyst shard sources (Suggestions: AT LEAST through event shops, and maybe some through new achievements for clearing end-game content for the first time. Like maybe 500 for valtan normal, 750 for valtan hard, and 1500 for inferno mode, etc)

That’s the very least you need to do.
Another thing would be adding the mileage shop on top of that. I’m sure there won’t be any backlash as you can still earn stuff for free through the amethyst shards, as long as you guys change it like I said.
Paid cosmetics through a premium currency won’t change anything for f2p players, as they can still earn these cosmetics for free.

I understand that adding the mileage shop would be hard due to the fact that you’ll have to give people mileage points based on what they spent already, but this is a necessary change to make the game objectively better.
Please consider.


Bad decision. I am planning to play this game for years and you expect us to see no return on our money ? Im lucky enough that i’ll be able to reroll in KR in a couple years. Thats where i’ll send my big money, not here. Here im just teasing myself with some content

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Exactly. I feel like it’s not even about the game being pay to win or not. It’s just an amazon design to incentivize paying for amazon prime. A really poorly designed one at that due to the low amount of shards you get, and stupid prices in the shop.

Behind the excuse of ‘‘You can earn every cosmetic as a free to play.’’ If that was the case, they wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) have removed the mileage shop.


Ich finde wir sollten den Meilenshop definitiv einführen !


-Jede Menge Skins die uns verwehrt bleiben würden mit einer Währung die man Quasi “nebenbei” erhält.

-Das gleiche gilt für Mounts und Pets

-Es gibt keinen Grund dafür dies nicht ein zu führen bis auf das man noch mehr Cash generieren will indem man die Skins , Mounts und Pets für Echtgeld verkaufen möchte

Maybe try adding more sources of amethysts then, cause i’ll probably have to hoard them for a year just to get that damn amazing tiger mount.

My point is proven here you have no plans for it because it’s not financially beneficial to you , as the player base we just get to give the dumbed-down version of the game even the shop is a cash grab.

When will you learn to listen to the requests of your player base? you only addressed the bots because players complained about it + it financially affects the game as a revenue stream.

As of today, you lost my revenue and I spend quite a bit on the game.

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Yes, let’s give more to the ones that already have more, this will save LA

yes good, very good, we need this, rewards for first clear of legion raid, make it big for inferno modes
They can also add it to horizontal progression someway , I doubt it’s that hard

Even if they dont ‘‘plan’’ on doing it, we need to keep voicing our concerns.
It’s objectively better for the game and not that hard.
You make money, we get skins. Win-win. Everyone is happy.
F2ps still have amethyst shards.

There’s no reason not to implement it other than amazon being adamant thinking having only amethyst shards will bring them more amazon prime subscription. (which is probably the reason in the first place…)


It’s kind of funny. They see people crying that they wanna spend thousands of dollars in their shop for a system that’s easy to add, already exists and would just need smilegate to add it in our version, it’s not that much work.

And they don’t plan on doing it.