Please! Can we have the mileage shop?

For now the amethyst shards gains are way too tiny

Currency slowly handed out is not really on the same page as stretch goals, when there’s no way for us to gauge when we can afford some of these higher priced items. If we do choose to spend what we get, how would do we know there isn’t something new being added in the next reset? Could also be a big ticket item, and it would take forever to accumulate this currency, that again, isn’t one based on player investment, be it time or resources. I’m all for having an option available besides racking up buyer points for exclusive items, but its very hard to put a value on the amethyst we get when we can’t exactly see what’s in the long run for stretch goals.

I have total of 6k ameth since launch what about you?

I have a total of 9.5k but then that’s beside the point I am trying to make with this thread, the whole shard system is designed to strip out a lot of the stuff that was put into the mileage shop when a better implementation existed or could be requested on top of the current system.

so you want other ppl to know that you are a whale? instead of protest the cash grab, your solution is to get status symbols?

the gaming community is so fucking broken.

Since when did this become about whales? it was to open the discussion that something was missing from the shop which worked well in other regions and nothing in my post said it had to be the original version and some solutions have been suggested that are actually something viable.

The whole point was to bring out that the current system sucks badly.

Also to point out a lot of places have a points-based system where you spend and get money back on things you buy in the world why is the mileage system any different?

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Well, this is another reason people will RMT, whether you slowpokes do nothing about it or not. Not giving us the mileage shop is just another reason to abuse you guys and this game. Luckily there are ways to play it f2p. It’s clear @Roxx doesn’t give a shit, why should we care? Lets go riot at their place of work.

What. Still can’t tell if you’re joking or are just siphoning daddy’s trust fund.

Either way, you’re a moron.

So, forgetting that you’re a child in the wrong part of the internet as this game is 18+, you came to accuse a working man who makes more than enough in a week to cover that cost sitting at 3 PCs all day working and browsing forums for entertainment of “siphoning daddy’s trust fund” then proceed to call him a moron… Just because you cannot afford something doesn’t mean it’s foolish or moronic that someone else can. Learn to think in perspective. It’s part of growing up.

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You don’t need a trust fund to spend $2000 on a hobby over 2-3 years, lmfao


insane cash grab system (aka legendary skins) = ok
mileage shop = nononono you guys shouldnt spend too much


I agree with the person posting. The amount of amethyst shards we get is so little I don’t know how you guys even expect us to be able to get more then one thing from the shop. I’m totally for the mileage system being put back in for our version of the game. Its easier to acquire then the non existent Amethyst Shards.

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Facts .

Here’s the actual real life perspective. If you spend $2000 on Lost Ark you’re a whale. No debate it’s just a fact. You’re being milked by a company that doesn’t care about you. The overwhelming majority of people don’t spend anywhere near that on gaming as a whole, let alone on one game. Don’t let me stop you from siphoning daddy’s trust fund though. By all means, we’re all laughing at you.


Whale spotted.

Your first mistake is assuming that you speak on other people’s behalf. You don’t.

I don’t see the relevance.

I’m paying for entertainment and whether the company cares or not is not why I pay for entertainment. I don’t see how Sony cares about you when your buy their 8k TV for $3500… This is a matter of perspective and not something that’s important to everyone.

That’s correct, and also the reason why I suggested the mileage shop alongside the current Amethyst Shard system…

As someone who’s spent a decent amount of money in various games, idk how can people do it in this game.

No offense to anyone, but if you have even a tiny bit of self-respect you would never spend a cent on this game. Obviously excluding the first few weeks when we didn’t know what we’re getting ourselves into.

People who kept buying gold during the RMT-fiesta are like those lowest level junkies buying the worst shit just because they got hooked. I’d rather flush the money down the toilet than spend any on a game in it’s current state.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a very good game and there’s still hope. This week has shown promising signs. But I need at least one bot-free month and more importantly blatant RMTers banned to ever consider spending on this game again.

nah theres actually mechanics that force u have to pay currency for gettin what u want.

best example: charslots

i keep it very minimal and if they proceed how they doing… well :smiley:

Yeah, that’s different. I still haven’t bought any, but I was mostly referring to people that spend thousands to get like 5ilvl while RMTers walk around with +25 weapons. Have some dignity.

I personally spent a bit less than $30. Arkpass and that lvl50 package with 2.2k (was it?) blue crystals for 1.1k royal crystals.