Please! Can we have the mileage shop?

i refuse to buy dat pass of course its pure p2w. i did buy 2 x charslots, ship skin, char skin and i got another charslot for the powerpass thats incoming

Everything you bought was p2w though… Charslots = additional resource gains even if you only just run the story. Ship Skin = P2w in the group sea events with auto spacebar increasing speed, aka P2Progress faster than those who don’t have it. Char Skin = Gives stats/P2w.
Anything you buy in this game is p2w by at least 1 person’s definition of p2w since it’s so unique to each individual, it’s not an excuse to not make a purchase. If you buy even 1 royal crystal and never use it, someone will say p2w because you wa winning by having 1 more rc than they do. :rofl:

not doing sea events. charslots should be free so imo its not p2w to have more chars. the skin i could have bought with gold but i refuse to put any progress i made into cosmetics

No need to defend yourself, lol. I’m not attacking you. Just poking fun at people crying about p2w in a p2w game. It’s like crying about breathing in carbon dioxide with your oxygen but not as bad.


Thank you.
Please don’t listen to the 0,0000000001% of the playerbase.
We don’t need that cashgrab system in our version.
AGS/SG should put Amethyst Shards as a reward for more achievements, so the mounts, skins, etc would be more like a trophy for doing something cool instead of “hey I spent $150000, look at this skin that you will never have because you are poor”.
But yeah I agree that the current system will not work if all that we get is 500/1000 shards per month.

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Like I said: We all know you’re a whale, AGS laughs at you for being stupid. Everyone, yes everyone, else on the planet does not spend 2 grand on games let alone LA and making a system exclusively for your trust fund pockets and lack of restraint is not somthing we want ty goodbye end of story.

What release of yoz’s jar? It’s not in the game yet last I’ve checked :o

They want to make it less p2w but more sub based game.

Amethyst aura +Amazon prime. They don’t even play their own game.

Mileage shop would be great way to reward players who p2w or buy crystaline aura for 2 years

Imo you should get amethyst shards each time you buy crystals.

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uh plenty of people spend thousands of dollars on games, some people spend thousands of dollars on WoW every month/week

mileage shop or something like it, would be a good incentive for players to not buy gold from bots


class release kekw

I read that as “I’m jealous I don’t have money to spend on video games”. I believe it was your previous comments coupled with this last one that put it all into perspective… Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a whale or not when my suggestion encompasses both of the available options. You’re pointlessly arguing to make yourself feel better and frankly, I’m not here for your mental support. Seek help.

I know you’re being given a script to tell here… but you have to know everyone is laughing… right?

500/1000 shards only If Got Prime and doing teh Twitch Drops Heritage claiming

Nothing is in the shard shop.

Shards aren’t given based on spend/support.

With respect, I have no clue why these two systems are even in the same sentence for the purpose of being compared.

I don’t want to have to spend obscene amounts to get cool stuff from a mileage-shop-like feature.

But I also don’t want all of the money I do spend to count for nothing?

I don’t “earn” shards - They’re allocated at a rate somewhere between “Zero” and “Oh, these still exist?”

I can’t “buy” or accelerate acquisition of shards - They have nothing to do with my spending/support/contributions to the longevity/viability of the game.

Even if the reverse were true for these two statements, there’s honestly nothing in the shard shop that I’d even care that much about.

They obviously won’t release this without it being retroactive, all transactions are saved.

Seek grass.

W h a l e s

I totally agree with mileage shop and retroactive points.

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