Please change field boss drops for certain field bosses

Wasting 1 day of field boss reward just to do lower tier field boss for food ingredient is quite silly and not to mention the fact that its not 100% drop rate so if you are unlucky it gonna takes you multiple days which players gonna missing out on few days worth of Moake / Thunderwings rewards. And the same thing goes for Island souls for field bosses

Can it be either 1 of these instead

  • Increase drop rate to 100% for each kill so it doesn’t take us multiple days
  • Make the drops not tied to daily rewards so we aren’t force to waste a field boss run on higher tier
  • An alternative way to obtain these rewards
  • Add escalating odds for all of these drops

I agree. I would also say they should change the number of players to defeat the field bosses (especially old field bosses) because no one goes to them and its near impossible to defeat with one or two. It is frustrating when you have to make a decision of what to tackle for one opportunity. Do I chase a secret map, masterpiece or island soul? But you can’t because of one shot and only the newest addition gets attention. This also goes for islands as well.
I’m a night player and you can imagine my luck with player base at those times.
They need to resolve this somehow for the players that are chasing all collectibles for any time segment of the day.