PLEASE change the female charachters walk

I get that female characters are pretty much always gonna be more sexualised than the male ones in games but the way the female characters walk is so ridiculous that its distracting and annoying.

I can get over the other stupid stuff like the fact that they wear heels in a fighting/adventure setting, the unrealistic proportions, etc, but the sway of the hips when they walk in cut-scenes is so over-exaggerated and fake looking it makes me cringe every single cut scene.

Please at least tone it down, or get rid of it all together. No one walks like that, the male characters certainly don’t have any movement nearly as exaggerated and cartoonish. It’s just distracting, and not in a good way.


Doubtful it is going to get changed. What you are asking for would need to come from Smilegate themselves and would require a complete rework of the female animations. They are not going to put in that level of work just for one region of the game.


Well hopefully you get a male variant of whatever you want to play and you don’t have to worry about it anymore :slight_smile: The males are equally as unrealistic in proportions though lol almost nobody is that jacked. It’s a fantasy game and it came to the west but it’s not western. Hopefully you’re able to get over it because if not you’re just going to have to quit. 0 chance they update all female animations specifically for you or as someone said, even for our region. The percentage of people it bothers even here is likely incredibly low. Unrealistic standards exist on both sides, for all classes and genders etc. It’s fantasy lol


We all know both genders have unrealistic standards in this game but its distracting af to me aswell seeing seeing how only the female characters are sexualized, ngl. But i kinda understand it, considering this game comes from east.

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Well, it wouldn’t be such a nuisance, if gender and class weren’t tied to each other. I have serious doubts that my assassin would be able to would through a door without hitting the door frame with that kind of walk. I can tolerate a little bit, but that is just too much.

First time I met my stronghold manager I thought I accidentally alt tabbed to Hentai or something. :joy:


Why change it for everyone? I love it as it is.
If there’s a way to add multiple walking styles, then sure: add more styles.

Just stop further ruining the beauty that is still left. Enough was destroyed already.


What was destroyed ? Did not play the game before.

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The starting clothes, NPC faces, NPC names and so on.


The male Warrior wouldn’t even fit through a door way he’s so big.

I love the female animations they’re very expressive.
If anything male characters just have boring and stiff animations.


They made them more westernized or something ?


Yes, they “westernized it”. That’s why I don’t play Elder Scrolls for example, hideous faces and walking styles in most western games, with a few exceptions. Looks rarely matter in western games.
Just please don’t turn Lost Ark into a boring western cloister as well.


I personally love the expressive and exaggerated walk of the characters. I also like the M-rated outfits.

It’s honestly so refreshing to see compared to all the “plain jane/joe” characters that have dominated western gaming for a decade now.

I hope they keep it, it’s quirky and fun. Unrealistic? Sure, but I don’t play games like this for the realism.


Finally someone said it! It seems so unnecessarily exaggerated to the point of ludicrously lmao… doubt they’ll change it but the walk animation is dumb :confused:

Was thinking exactly this today. I don’t understand how the animation artists actually thought it looks good.

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I’ve never noticed this or found it to be distracting. I also like the exaggerated over-the-top-ness of everything in the game. It just fits.


Idk if this is your first time in an asian-developed mmo (particularly chinese & korean mmo’s do this) but this is always how it is, won’t change, its their aesthetic


No. Do not bend to the woke crowd, they don’t care about the game, only bull, GATEKEEP, GATEKEEP, GATEKEEP


Part of me wants to say this is part of the appeal of Korean MMOs, Another part of me wants to say why should something be changed because you as an individual feel triggered. But what I do want to communicate, if Korean MMOs go woke, then what options are people going to have to play a chick that doesn’t look and act like a dude?