Please Close EUC!

The server is full! We have queues everywhere - people have had time to come join friends now. The servers cant handle much more. Aand now the queues are even longer due to rampant botting and gold selling. Until the server code is fixed please can you shut off new char creation so that bots are less of an issue when you ban them and servers dont get overloaded even more than they are… New players can join EUW as the solution is!


Yes close EUC and ban the bot acounts who are alredy in.


I kinda think that new people are not that big of a problem… it is those that are already there. So I doubt that closing EUC would fix anything, or even help that much.

Then think again lmao.

I have no idea why they cant do it just now. What are they waiting for? To let bots to take servers comletely?

Amazon is doing wrong decisions all the time and wrong decisions only. What good did they make so far?


I did… and I still think that new people are not that big of a problem.

I mean, how many new people are going to start on a server where they can’t play on? Yes, bots are a problem… and closing a server would help from creating new bots, but there is also a solution that AGS gets their heads out of their asses and starts banning them.

I might be completely wrong… but unless someone got some statistics everyone is basing their opinion on feeling.

It is f2p, hundreds / thousands of bots every day ? Come on.
Oh yea, it definitely would. You ban one account and not another can be created = win.

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They wont, they have someone at the top who thinks that closing servers will lose them income.

My guess is that they are cashing out as much as they can from everyone because they have no belief that this gave will survive long term.

This is the only logical explanation of all what they are doing.

They are taking massive dump to everyone who purchased game already and the expensive game packs. and are trying to grab money from new people


Every day the queues start earlier and last longer. It should be going the other way.

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In low level areas that gold spam is real. Its so shamful to have it in any game.

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Well… I also start to queue earlier today. It might be because people like me that are changing when they log in every day based on how large queue gets. Yesterday I started to Q at 13:00 and that was too late I will try 12:00 today… any many people might think the same.

But as I said before… bots are problem, but they should not solve that by closing down servers. Otherwise they would need to close servers forever. They need to come up with actual solution. That would also help to kick people macroing.

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The queues also last longer, so no, that doesn’t make any sense. We are getting more and more active players, whether they are bots or real.

Very stupid opinion.
You do not get what is going on with servers at all.

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If a new player wants to wait 8 hours to play on a full server they deserve to play there for their dedication alone. AGS has been decreasing the server capacity, that’s making queues longer.

Lost Ark - Steam Charts
200k people have stopped playing LA since launch. Disregarding the apparently 20% of people in Europe who now play on EUW and are not stuck in queue. And yet the queues are getting worse by the day.

That makes ingame modes working lol… wtf is wrong with you. It was proven that region is overpopulated. If stupid ppl like you keep repeating to remove caps and they fkn do, NOTHING will work AGAIN. Brain on pls. 100% capacity was reached already in headstart.

It would be the best decision, but it’s not going to happen, they are simply incompetent. Bad decision after bad decision.


Yes… but we got no info about server capacity. We do know that they changet it at least once after they opened EUW. There was big jump in queue length. They did several other maintenaces after that and each could have also lowered it.

Just to be clear… i am all for closing servers. I am already in and all my friends are alredy in. I just feel that it is not going change anything.

pretty sure the thousands of bots running around and leveling up to farm gold and spam chat are taking up all the queue slots.

banning the ones and having closed server = no queue

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It could be true for some less populated servers… but I seriously doubt that there is 15K bots running around zinnervale.