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asmongold and atk really went out of their way asking for like one chaos dungeon and one guardian if it is a week day I play this game 3-4 hours and it would get a lot more if the game did not lack content at some point I ran out of things to do and while this is my problem it is really concerning that some prominnant streamers like atk and asmon calling out for thining out dailies.

Something something maybe lost atk is just not for them

Developers don’t need “your” or “their” feedback. Developers are the ones who have the data about us. They know better what is good and what is not. So if you (asmon and other crybabies) don’t like the game - DON’T PLAY IT AND SHUT UP! MOVE ALONG! The game is great as it is.

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I dont know if this isnt clear in this post but i like the daily “chores” that we are subjected to even taking it further and saying we dont have enough. atk and asmon disagreed and what stoopz is saying the content is fine you guys saying this because you play 6 mains not 1 main and 5 alts in which he is right. But I do think their opinions matter they have a big following and they can change the course of the game by presuring devs. thats why we need to support streamers who thinks like us.

Letter to the community is exactly what happens when developers don’t listen to feedback and only rely on their data. They’re only realizing now that they’re losing players and profit. A lot of the stuff in the letter was talked about months ago. And what did AGS/SG do? Nothing.