Please consider adding transmog/glamour system

I’ve seen a lot of threads and posts about people decrying the lack of sexy outfits compared to KR/RU and people on the other side saying clothing should be sensible.

I think a transmog/glamour system where you can swap armor sets to what you want would give players freedom and creativity to make their own sets, skimpy or no, as well as open up new avenues of content as people do previous tiers of content for the cosmetic armor sets.

IIRC there’s already a system for in-game shop skins but that’s not very sustainable as it requires you to pay, and personally for me the shop skins are not interesting because they are overrused by lots of players, denuding the uniqueness.

A transmog system would add creativity as people make unique armor sets, as well as new uses for gear, as well as create new content out of previous tiers, and give players the choice of tailoring their character to their own personal tastes.


I think you have already answered this yourself

[quote=“Lemonfont, post:1, topic:274607”]
IIRC there’s already a system for in-game shop skins but that’s not very sustainable as it requires you to pay [/quote]

This is a free to play game, they have to get their money from somewhere and skins are one avenue they will go down.

Giving free transmogs/cosmetics outside of thier ‘Gifts’ which happen now and then, will most likely not happen.

KR and RU get events that give you skins all the time. also the avatar system does not REQUIRE you to pay real money

I believe KR actually has a tmog its embedded into the barber where you dye your clothes, it’s only a matter of time before we get it.

Wont happen since f2p games make money on skins, and skins have trade charges.

skins have trade charges in all other regions too, and its f2p in all other regions too. im not sure if RU has it but KR absolutely has a transmog system thats easily usable as a f2p player. theyre called Avatars

As far as im aware they just use the term avatar interchangeably with skin, but i could be wrong

just require it cost gems like the dyeing system. problem solved and everyone can be happy


yes plssss theres some base armors i really like . IDC if kr/ru didn’t have it this is western version seeing how they are adjusting it differently for western audiences ANYWAYS they might aswell change it to have a tmog system !!! Something that New world failed on ! The game would be so great if they added it ! Id gladly spend gold to change my outfits all the time ! make it a stronghold system and can only use gold to change outfits and also ad a barber shop for our strongholds so we can use our appearance change tokens from there instead of at toon select screen !!!

They also need to make everything dyeable plz make buying dye pots worth buying . Rn nothing can b dyed that people want to dye .


Many times I find some earlier gear that I prefer the style of and sadly have to throw it away. Would be amazing if we could throw together some styles from random pieces of gear to any item in the game. Could add a tab or feature where we could save an appearance of a chestpiece/helm etc and use that tab to chose from all our saved pieces. We would still want to color them and maybe it could be similar as the coloring where we need an item to save/extract a piece of gear.

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