Please consider changing the Abys lockout system

I want to share my experience with the lockout system in hopes it can be updated to better suite playing with friends and guild mates.

I’m running a small guild with a bunch of friends. We have people all over the place in terms of ilvl. Currently I’m the only person in our guild that is over 1370 ilvl. I need to be running Hard mode of Oreha each week to progress my main character. By running the whole Oreha Abys dungeon on hard mode it locks me out of doing the normal version on that character. My guild has two nights a week dedicated to running abys dungeons with friends. But I’m not able to run normal Oreha with them anymore. Just let me do it god damn it. I don’t need no rewards, no gold, no nothing. I just want to play with my friends. Why is this concept of playing with friends in an MMO being this restricted? What’s an MMO even for if not to be able to play with friends?

I have alts that are in T1 and T2 just so I can get around the lockout and be able to run the low ilvl abys with friends. But even that is limited. Just let me play with them! I don’t need nothing I just want to have fun with them!

I understand that once we all have multiple characters maxed out in T3 we will potentially be able to run it multiple times on alts. But that’s a long way from now to do that since everyone is focusing on single main character for now.

I also get that completely removing the lockout and even just removing the rewards for sequential runs might start a boosting/bus community. Who cares tho? Let em have it I guess. You can P2W your way up anyway so why would boosting be any different anyway. There is very little in the game that requires a coordinated raid/party and even the little there is has these sort of restrictions that make it imposible to enjoy the game with your guild mates. What even is the guild system for then?

I beg of you please reconsider your stance on hindering your players ability to play with their friends!


I completely agree. It’s frustrating being locked out from playing with my guild mates and friends after running Argos and my abyss dungeons once.

I’m playing on a bard and have been able to reconnect with old many old mmo friends and such and it’d be great fun to run Argos with all of them, but I can only run once with one group. I could make tons of bard alts and even then I’m limited to how many characters I have. I’d love to be able to run with no rewards.

And yeah although I see the concern of boosting runs, I could honestly care less. I feel like boosters/boostees are gonna find their own ways to do so anyways and I’d rather prioritize a way to play with my friends.


Upping this because this is extremely important to me.

my guild is composed by a small group of friends.
i do not want to tell anyone to “hurry” or putting pressure to them to play because i know that not everyone has the same free time i do. most of them have far bigger responsabilities.

So its natural that they can’t keep up with the pace of me or the members with most ilvl.

Now 2 of our members with most ilvl are going to be locked of clearing hard and being unable to progress for at least 2 weeks.

is not fun to feel that you are being dragged or slowed by your guild members
and is not fun to feel pressure to play more because you know you are slowing other people down.

i do not care if you don’t give me rewards for clearing normal as long as i can give them a hand.
Because its the point of creating the guild and playing the game with them in the first place.
and the members who have more progress will be able give better help if they can actually progress their characters.

So please, remove the NONSENSE of being locket of entering normal if you do hard, i don’t care about normal rewards for obvious reasons.